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Cornell & Diehl - Billy Budd Blonde
The perfect social blend
This blend is beautifully balanced, well behaved, and full of flavor. A perfect daily go to or social tobacco. It is very forgiving allowing you to focus more on your conversation and less on your cadence. For a non-aromatic it gives off a very pleasant room note and is very smooth. I experience zero tongue burn nor tongue bite with a fairly aggressive cadence.

Sutliff - Bourbon Street Match
A pleasant mild blend.
I personally am into strong flavors which this is not, however, I am not going to say I dislike it. It is a great side to a fine spirit which will let you experience the liquor while getting your tobacco fix. By itself it has a pleasant aroma, slightly sweet, and very smooth. A good introduction blend to a beginning pipe smoker.

Sutliff - 503 Heavy English
A very nice English!
This is a very pleasant smoke not only for its aroma but also for the taste. It is very floral with spice and a light nectar like sweetness from start to finish. This will go good with many different tea varieties to pair with.

Sutliff - Aged Maduro Cavendish
A great evening blend!
This is a sweet thicker smoke with strong vanilla notes along with a touch of chocolate. From start to finish it remains sweet and gives off a pleasant aroma like you are in a fine chocolate shop. This will go great with black coffee, espresso, or cappuccino.

Sutliff - Lord Nelson
A summertime must!
This has a nice citrus tone to it and is a brighter flavor blend with spice. Goes great with lemon honey tea or lemonade.

Sutliff - D64 Queen Anne's Revenge
A nice balanced Aromatic.
This is a stronger aromatic with a strong scent of vanilla and strangely a reminiscent aroma of Perique due to the blending choices. It is mellow on the tongue and a nice go to for times of conversation.

Newminster - No.23 Blackberry Brandy
A good morning blend.
This is a mild yet prominently fruitful blend with a hint of brandy. The aroma is very sweet, sugary on the tongue and the roof of the mouth. Recommend vanilla roasted coffee drank black to really bring out the blackberry.

Sutliff - TS-20 Louisiana Perique
A strong intense smoking experience
My family heritage on my Mother's side has a lot of history in Louisiana, the Perish, and Pierre Chanet, a distant second cousin. Each time I smoke the Perique I am experiencing my ancestry in some way. If you have never smoked straight Perique, take it easy and ease yourself into the bowl. The smoke is very thick and pungent, as to be expected for such a deeply fermented tobacco. Again, relax and take it very slow, by doing so you will release the fruitful wine flavor of the tobacco, much like a spicy merlot, making for quite the pleasant experience. I would like to suggest pairing this with a mildly sweet to sweet red wine.

Sutliff - 504C Aromatic English
A good entry to English blends.
From the bag it is a pleasant aroma of balance between sweet, spice, and smokiness. The tobacco has a soft velvety feel to it as you sprinkle it into the bowl. Once lit it starts off on a sweet note but rather quickly balances out to an exciting slightly robust signature of sweet, spice and smokiness with a little hint of straight tobacco leaf, like a fine cigar. As you continue down the bowl, the smokiness and spice begin to slowly intensify keeping you interested in the journey. I really enjoy drinking a black cup of coffee in the morning with it and a root beer in the afternoon with it. I could see a good whiskey or scotch to pair with this tobacco as well.

Cornell & Diehl
Billy Budd Blonde

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503 Heavy English

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