James S.

Ashton - Gold Rush 50g
Light and Refreshing
I bought this just to see what it was like, and I am in love with it. Its a light, refreshing smoke that has that viginia-ey sweetness mixed with a touch of honey and lemon. Its a must try for anyone looking for something to smoke on a lazy spring/summer day. Will definitely be buying more!

Ashton - Winding Road 50g
Great Blend
I decided to try this after Rainy Day (which I liked a lot) and I was not disappointed. It is a very smooth smoke with a good room note. I see a lot of other people bringing up tongue bite but I had no problem with it. Just smoke it cool and slow, like any other blend. The virginia's come through nicely and their sweetness is accentuated by the caramel flavouring - but its never overpowering, its very smooth and pleasant. I got the hints of apricot the first time I smoked the blend, but I seem to lose it the more I smoke it. No problem though, just change out blends and cleanse the palate, then come back to Winding Road. All in all, very pleasant, very smooth, and a lovely smelling blend/smoke.

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