Alan C.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Night 2oz
Not for me
I recently discovered Cornell & Deihl tobaccos and initially ordered some Crooner, Engine 382 and Bayou Morning. I really liked all of them and was intrigued to try Bayou Night so I ordered a tin of it. The initial tin note aroma was pungent and sour, kind of like smelling an old gym sock. When I tried the first bowl I was assaulted with an unpleasant taste that I thought would go away as the bowl burned down. Half way through I had to dump it. Same thing three more times. Long story short, I did not feel like blending to making it taste better so I dumped it and chalked it up to learning experience. A lot of people like it and we all have different tastes. For me, the Perique and the Latakia were at war with each other. I like them both separately in a blend, but not together or at least in the quantities that are in this blend.

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