David P.

Dan Tobacco - Old Ironsides 50g
I have never truly known love.
I have learned to love many different tobaccos. This is not like that. Upon lighting, the smoke is cool, dry, and as smooth as silk. Unlike many other blends where the flavors have to be teased out, here the flavors come as choreographed dancers, each in turn. The orientals dance and speak of the long-forgotten riches and pleasures of the Sultans of old. Rich incense, spice, smoke from the latakias, and perfumes are yours to savor. After the incense and spice, the virginias begin to suggest the faint smell of forbidden sweets. The faint aromas of balkava, honey cakes, and pistacios come forth in turn through the dance, blending together with the incense and spice in a complex and beautiful performance. As the bowl burns down, the sweet moves forward. Tempered by the smoke and spice the virginias transform the orientals into flowers. Honeysuckle, roses, lavendar, and teas swirl together in your nose as your mouth savors warm milk and honey, as the smoke becomes thicker, creamy, and impossibly more smooth. Even the ash is smooth. The beauty of Helen of Troy launched a thousand ships. This tobacco is my Helen. I realize now that what I thought before was love was just appreciation. Now I have to figure out what to do with all my other tobaccos!

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