Josiah J.

Cornell & Diehl - Apples & Cream
I loved this
The taste was wonderful. It smoked very pleasantly. This was not only one of my favorites, but one that the people I live around enjoy the most when I smoke. The biggest issue is it doesn't smell/taste of apple. I gave some people the bag to smell, and most agree it smells more like a chocolate brownie that had cream poured over it. That isn't a bad thing.

Sutliff - 203 Coffee
Sadly, did not enjoy
No flavor came through for me. A lot of tongue bite. Not offensive, and I'd smoke again, if I had it, but I'd rather buy something else. A shame, as I otherwise have enjoyed sutliff

Molto Dolce 1.5oz

$12.85 $9.91

Panna Cotta 1.5oz

$12.85 $9.91