Missouri Meerschaum - Night Rider Washington
Great pipe!
This pipe is fantastic! I bought one, and now misplaced it and I'm praying 🙏 these get back IN STOCK!!!

Kramer's - Father Dempsey
Notice that this tobacco blend, and the Balkan Sasieni both have ratios of Virginia, Latakia, and Orientals. I love the Balkan Sasieni, and from the ravings reviews and beautiful description of this, I must try this, asap...

Missouri Meerschaum - Night Rider Washington
It's a nice pipe for the $, any Missouri Meerschaum is great. My MM's are my workhorses, I smoke 'em at home, the Brian's in public.

Cornell & Diehl - Orient Express 2oz
Please, Cornell & Diehl...
Make this in an 8 oz. can please! I've yet to find anything I like better, this tobacco blend is brilliant, as you guys are...

Cornell & Diehl - Orient Express 2oz
Still a favorite.
Even after trying many tobaccos 'similar,' this little tobacco but Cornell & Diehl remains a favorite. It's not extremely complex but that helps make it a pleasant, creamy English. I'm not a taste expert, but a former cigarette smoker, and occasionally a cigar smoker, but damn I keep running back to this more than any other.

Missouri Meerschaum - Night Rider Washington
4-5 stars for looks. But eh,
The other person's review deters me for buying. Cool looking pipe but the paint job probably needs work.

Samuel Gawith - Squadron Leader 8oz
Top 100 yes, 1 review?
I am ordering this bc the can I have NEVER seen available on smokingpipes. It's the only one I had to look elsewhere for. When I saw this, I flipped my lid.

Toscano - Extra Vecchio (5 Pack)
My fav Italian cheroot.
These, and the Modigliani's are the best smoked ammezzato.

Arturo Fuente
Hemingway Signature Maduro

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Cornell & Diehl
Billy Budd

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Cornell & Diehl
Orient Express 2oz

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