Ben M.

Cornell & Diehl - Cap's Blend
A little sweet for my taste
I normally smoke English, balkan and va/per blends but i thought I would explore aromatics again so picked this up with my last tobacco order. When i opened the bag i was enveloped with the sweet aroma vanilla, chocolate and cherries reminding me abit of lane 1q which i remember enjoying so i paked a bowl, on the charing light i was overwhelmed with overly sweet vanilla then chocolate flavours i would normally enjoy if the sweetness was milde. Needless to i mixed a handful of this blend with a couple of pinches of peter stokkebye English luxury and let it sit for a week and i can say i enjoy it alot better this way the smokiness of the latikia helped tone down the sweetness and changed the flavour to that of smores by a campfire. Im going to cellar the rest of the 4oz. Of the original for a while and the come back to it.

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