Dave P.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust - Sin Compromiso Selección Paladin de Saka
Best of the line
This cigar is indeed different than the regular Sin Compromiso line! Lots more strength and flavor - it’s quite impressive and certainly the best one in the line that I’ve tried.

HVC - 500 Years Anniversary Selectos
Hard draw o
This was so hard to draw I threw down the last third. The soft flavors didn’t make it worth smoking.

HVC - Black Friday 2021
Very creamy
For such a dark cigar, it’s extremely creamy. Delightful flavor.

Foundation Cigar Company - Olmec Claro Doble Corona
This is one of the best cigars I’ve smoking this year. It has a delightful undertone of flavor that goes through from beginning to end.

Cavalier - Black Series II Viso Jalapa Toro
This is a quality Cigar. The gold emblem is fun and the flavor is outstanding. I highly recommend it.

Curivari - Achilles Mirmidones 54
This smoke is like having a big, chewy block of cocoa, spice and butter yet it’s extremely smooth and full flavored.

Curivari - Seleccion Privada Maduro Eminente
Delicious to the nub
Complex cigar with pepper, cedar, cream - a delight to smoke! Perfect draw.

Curivari - Seleccion Privada Petit Corona
What a great little smoke with a ton of flavor for its size