Barnaby S.

Tampers & Tools - Senior Pipe Reamer
Great Tool
It did surprise me how big this was out of the package. It turns out that it's not too big for any of my pipes though. It's sturdy. The cutting edges are sharp enough. The bend at the end of the cutters causes a nice taper which is good for shaping the bottom of the bowl. I agree with another reviewer that the shank reamer that unscrews from the end of this tool is genius! Overall I am extremely impressed with this and highly recommend it.

Ashton - Consummate Gentleman 50g
Northern Pipe
The best English smoke there is...and as a bonus, my wife says it's the nicest smelling tobacco yet!

Tampers & Tools - Brigham Pipe Reamer
Northern Pipe
This is such a handy little tool. I'm waiting for a different reamer to become available (it's back-ordered right now) so I bought this one to use in the meantime. I was very happy with the results and highly recommend it...especially for the price.

Davidoff - Flake Medallions 50g
Northern Pipe
Firstly, I am not a tobacco connoisseur, I love to try different types of cuts and tobacco styles and note what I like about a tobacco and what I may not enjoy as much. When I first opened this tin I hadn't seen tobacco cut in this style before. I was immediately impressed with the presentation of the tobacco in the tin, all of the medallions neatly arranged. I really enjoy just grabbing one or two medallions, folding them up, stuffing them into the bowl and light 'em up for a smooth, enjoyable, easy burning, medium strength pipe. I've already ordered more, along with some different brands to sample.

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