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Cornell & Diehl - Visions of Celephaïs 2oz
Definitely Takes You Afar
I usually stick to Cavendishes and aromatic burley blends. The description of this one drew me because, for me, pipe smoking is about sensory relaxation and ambient transport (i.e., I can relax and be transported to a setting where the tin note, room note, and pipe taste take me). VofC definitely achieves this effect. WARNING: Do NOT buy this if you can't abide grape flavor (see virtually all the negative reviews here). It does NOT taste/tin/room like artificial grape to me, but for those who can't stand artificial grape, you'll think you smell nothing else but. To me, it breathes of incense, eastern sweet wine, and barleywine. There is no chewiness to this blend; it burns clean and evenly. Dedicate a small-bowl size pipe to it, preferably a Meer, as too much can wear down your palate. For me, it's a once-a-week treat that I look forward to—a nice trip to the East without leaving my home.

Cornell & Diehl - Apricots and Cream 2oz
Pleasant Morning or Dessert Smoke
Love the combination of Cavendish & Apricot Brandy. Sweet but not overwhelming. If you enjoy aromatics, you'll love this. Even if you're not into them, this will pleasantly surprise you!
    The Air Pocket Packing Method
  • ► @Jeffrey, I believe they still do—most smoke shops sell screens for marijuana glass pipes. Though those pipes' bores run more narrow, they might make large screens. Amazon has them (they advertise them as "tobacco" pipe screens to get around states/jurisdictions in which marijuana is still illegal).