Charles F.

Kramer's - Father Dempsey
Perfect all day English
I'm a big fan of strong English blends. Latakia and Orientals really hit the spot, but some of the boutique blends are one and done bowls for this piper because they are so strong, yet deliciously decedent. Dempsey on the other hand is an intriguing combination of a more mellow English, but nowhere near boring. I really like this and it's an excellent buy as bulk and for cellaring. A good blend to dip your toe into English blends, yet a veteran wouldn't turn their nose up at it either.

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired Ready Rubbed
Game changer
Noob piper. I quickly found out burlys are not my thing. This though...has changed my mind. Aged and pressed burlys are exceptional and this one is tops. Great flavor, smooth smoke, and the nice hit it just right. I'm not a Vitamin N fan as I'm super sensitive to it. Smoked slowly, alternating sip and retro hale methods brings out the best in this baccy. Definitely a re-order in my future.

Sutliff - Creme Brulee
Very nice.
I like this one. It definitely separates itself from the over saturated vanilla Aero market. This one is strong enough that the smoker can enjoy the room note as much as the bystanders. my only complaint is that it gets boring and a little bitter with 1/4 bowl left. Plus side though, not much gurgle if at all.

Sutliff - Z50 Black Cordial
Easy, flavorful smoke.
Tin note is that of those cheapy cherry cordial candles you get at Christmas time. The chocolate and dark cherry seem to be about 40/60 split respectively. The flavor on this one is excellent. I haven't had many aero's where the flavor translated to the smoke as well as this one has. Will definitely re-order.

Cobblestone - Cafe Hot Chocolate 1.5oz
Very nice Aero
Really like this. Smooth smoke, strong tin and room note. Dank chocolate. Like, a melted fudge pop or lava cake.

Cobblestone - High Spirits Amaretto 1.5oz
Where's the Ameretto?
Purchase this, the Cherry Delight, and Hot Chocolate. The HC was dank with Syrupy Chocolate. Ameretto and Cherry had no tin note or flavor. None. They smelled exactly the same but at least the Cherry was a good smoke, the Ameretto was just bite and burly harsh.

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