Danny P.

Missouri Meerschaum - Missouri Pride Straight
Smokes like a champ!
This is the first corn cob pipe that I have owned / smoked. Compared to the briars that I own and smoke regularly, this one is a clear first choice. It smokes cool in the hand, doesn't ghost from the previous bowl and smokes to a fine ash all the way down. After about a week of smoking the MM Pride, I was able to get rid of what was left of the shank (inside the chamber) and line the bottom of the chamber with pipe mud, with ash collected from the pipe and filtered through a screen. It's hard to go a day with out smoking a bowl in the MM Pride, but a cob needs a rest once in a while... which means I should probably bet another one or two. Cheers

Super Value - Bourbon Whiskey 1.5oz
This blend is really good stuff. I'm a new pipe smoker and have only tried a few blends so far, but this one is by far the most satisfying, being a former cigarette smoker. There's a bit of bite, if you're really puffing, but very smooth other wise. The bourbon is really present in the bag note and the tobacco is very high quality, but a bit moist and requires a bit of drying out time. Smoked in a "real briar" billiard seems nice, gonna try it in the MM cob next. Cheers

Super Value
Bourbon Whiskey 12oz

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