Two Friends - English Chocolate 2oz
Silky, sweet smoked cocoa
Out of the gate, I need to clarify that I am not typically an aromatic enthusiast. However, aromatics have been coming up in my rotation lately, just to see what might suit my fancy when the sweet cravings, and crowd approval become more of import. This blend ticks all those boxes. Tin note is sweet, mellow, and reminiscent of opening a tin of a famous branded cocoa powder. There is a hint of smokiness from the latakia on the tin note, as well as the familiar sweet tang of Virginia tobaccos. Upon lighting, the sweetness is foremost, with just a subtle hint of Latakia smoky cedar. The chocolate is noticeable but not over powering like other offerings made by C&D. It is a well balanced flavor, and does not mute the tobacco flavors at all. THis blend is best enjoyed in a medium to large sized bowl. My experience was best in a Savinelli 122, and a Peterson 606 shape. Though, a couple of my pipes with a slightly narrower chamber, but still retaining depth did garner good results as well. A good example would be my Radice Billiards, or my Rattray's Old Gowrie Paneled billiard. The room note is a little on the heavier side, and may or may not be everyone else's cup of hot chocolate, so do be mindful of that. It's pleasant, but may offend some sensitive noses due to the Latakia content. Overall, this is a truly great tobacco blend that I personally quite enjoy. Definitely a keeper to be loved!

Warped - Scarecrow 2oz
Sweet, mellow, and Fantastic!
Four bowls in, and I just cannot get enough of this blend! Tin note is sweet and tangy. Notes of cocoa, caramel, vanilla, and toasted marshmallow. Tin Description states candy corn, and candied apple. The candy corn I can somewhat detect, but the flavor is closer to the Brach's brand mallow pumpkin candies than straight candy corn. The candied apple is there in the background on initial light, and fades in and out throughout the first third of the bowl. The Burley definitely makes its presence known mid bowl, and balances well with the Red Virginia. Moisture content is on the damp side, so a light drying time of about 15 minutes makes for a nice, even burning smoke. Great Autumn blend!

Cornell & Diehl - Exclusive
A fantastic VaPer to enjoy any time!
Purchased 4oz to sample, and utilize in a few mixtures of my own. Boy, what a great blend of tobaccos! Tin note is on the funky side, just how it should be with the wonderful amount of perique! Slightly sweet, peppery, and all around enjoyable. Nicotine is prevalent, and welcome, as I personally seek out higher nicotine levels. THis one is great by itself, or to srpinkle into your favorite blends to spice them up a little! Excellent!

Cornell & Diehl - Eight State Burley 2oz
Another great Burley Blend from C&D
I have been hesitant to try some of the Small Batch series C&D offerings, but this time I gave it a go, and I am glad I did! I tend to prefer more rounded burley blends, but this one is a little bit more than that! This can be a good, powerful smoke depending on your cadence on the pipe. No bite, and full bodied burley flavor. Tin note that I got was a light vanilla with traces of cocoa, and a faint liquor topping. The tin note alone made me salivate! Moisture level is perfect right out of the tin for my tastes, but is on the side of perhaps needing about 10 minutes of dry time to air a little. As with any new blend that I try; I used a meerschaum pipe to sample my first few bowls. This was a wonderful experience, and rewarded me with a taste experience that I now crave! Sweet, smoky, and tangy! Red and yellow Virginas give the subtle sweet and grassy note, and the orientals provide a little tang to the mix, the forerunner though are the wonderful burleys used in this blend, which give a white chocolate and cocoa note to the flavor. This is a glorious achievement in blending, and the choices of leaf are paramount to this great blend! Don't miss out!

Ashton - Artisan's Blend 50g
Well Rounded and delicious.
Artisan's Blend is by far one of my favorite English mixtures. From the Floral note upon cracking the tin, to the smooth, well rounded finish; this tobacco satisfies in a way not many others can for me. Slightly sweet, with the creamy and smoky aspect of the correct amount of latakia. THe Virginas add to the sweetness, and the condimental aspect of the perique play nicely with the sour tang of the Turkish leaf. THis tobacco doesn't have the over the top cologne aspect of Consummate Gentleman (another great blend from Ashton!). Artisan's blend feels and smokes more like a Balkan blend. Not a 5 star rating, but really close! definitely worth a try if you are into nuanced English blends that are fuller in body. An absolutely fantastic smoke!

Stands & Pouches - Smokingpipes Leather 2 Pipe Bag with Tobacco Pouch Black & Red
High quality pouch with a flaw.
This two pipe pouch is a great way to carry pipes. Has more than enough room for two full bent pipes or a bent and a straight, or two straights. Quality of materials is pretty nice, but there are a couple of seams at the top on each side that are a little suspect, but no real cause for alarm as it is only a couple of seams on the decorative outer latigo skin. Not very durable looking there, but we will see how they hold up. Might seal them better with a little leather sealant, and call it a day. The other area that reduced this review by another half star is the included zippered tobacco pouch. There is a magnet sewn in the bottom of the pouch under the liner. That magnet is glued to the inside of the outer leather shell. There is also a magnet glued and sewn in place in the inside of the spine of the main pouch. This would be a great addition to keep the tobacco pouch secure in the main pouch. However, during production the magnets were installed with incorrect polarity, and they actually repel each other instead of attract. Cannot fault Smokingpipes here as it was a QC slip up. The rest of the pouch is excellent with lots of room for pipes, a tamper, some cleaners, a cleaning cloth, and whatever other accoutrements you wish to carry along. Great pouch aside from the magnet issue!

G. L. Pease - Quiet Nights 2oz
A wonderful smoke
I purchased two tins of Quiet Nights. One to cellar for a while, and one to pop and enjoy. Tin note is a sweet, and spicy mix, with hints of dare I say pear, and currant? Cut is a very nice broken flake, and moisture content is a little on the damper side. I suggest letting it stand for around 15-20 minutes (at least this was my butter zone dry time). First bowl had a little rough edge on the true light, but that may have been due to a new pipe that had not been broken in yet, combined with my eagerness to partake of this tobacco I had heard so much about. Preparation was fold and stuff for the first bowl, and rubbed out for the second. Halfway through, I allowed the pipe to go out, but was welcomed to a creamy, sweet, and smoky treat upon relight. The finish was sweet, but not overpoweringly so, and had a slight tinge of citrus on the retrohale. The second bowl was a week later after giving the blend a little time to even out in a jar. This time it was packed into a different pipe. Tin note had changed slightly, with the black currant aroma more subdued than before, but still easily discernable. The smoke was astounding! Cool, sweet, smoky, and mellow with bursts of citrus tanginess, and a creamy retrohale with the Latakia really moving things along! Pipes used: Peterson Red Spigot 606, Savinelli Roma Lucite 122 To those new to English blends, I would highly recommend this blend. Pairs nicely with a stout ale, or a fine cognac!

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding Special Reserve 4oz
Tasty Treat!
Though I do not prefer this to the original Plum Pudding (Mostly because the original is a little easier to portion out in my opinion). I do enjoy the subtleties this version presents in flavor, and room note than the original. The Special reserve is more mellow in taste in my opinion, but just as delicious. It has more of the "I'm in for the night, and ready for bed" quality that I prefer. Just relax with the blend in the pipe and a dram of bourbon and call it a day! I will be definitely adding a few tins to my cellar, though I will probably be going with the flake version for that instead.

Orlik - Golden Sliced 50g
Always 1n the rotation
Wonderful smoke for a warm summer day, or a pleasant Fall stroll. I smoke this when I grow weary of smoking my English and Oriental blends, and need a palate cleansing pipe. Tin note is not overpowering, grain and honey with a citrus tang. I prefer to fold and stuff, though a good rub is also quite pleasant in the bowl if packed properly. I tend to keep it burning on the warmer side as it lends to opening up the essences in the mix. Hay, honey, and sometimes a slight twang from the perique that accents the sweetness of the Virginia in a delicious way. This blend pairs very well with a Summer Shandy Ale.

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Billy Budd Blonde

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Orion's Arrow

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Mac Baren
HH Old Dark Fired Ready Rubbed

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Izmir Turkish

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No.24 Imperial Nougat

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G. L. Pease
Stonehenge Flake 2oz

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Quiet Nights 8oz

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Roma Lucite (673 KS) (6mm)

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Red Spigot (606) Fishtail

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Golden Sliced 50g

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G. L. Pease
Maltese Falcon 8oz

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