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Filters & Adaptors - Tsuge Kulu Cool 9mm Filter
A Great Filter!
Admittedly, I bought this just because it looks so unusual. I didn't expect much from it, since I assumed it would be little better than a stinger. But, I'm glad I bought what seems to have been the last one in stock, since it works extremely well, and I haven't had a gurgle yet. It does require cleaning ~ but a quick rinse under the faucet does the trick, and it will last forever! I only hope they get more in stock, as I'd love to have a couple more!

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Burley Ribbon Cut

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No.23 Blackberry Brandy

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    Doting On Dottle: Advice On Smoking To The Bottom Of The Bowl
  • ► Good article...but I have to disagree with Mr. Cooke. No one viewed their pipes as disposable ~ that's a strictly '70's and later attitude. Pipes may not have cost 500 dollars(they would smack someone for spending that kind of money), but even a 10 dollar pipe would have be a sizeable investment in the days before minimum wage laws. My grandfather re-used tin foil, he certainly never thought he could smoke the hell out of a pipe and then chuck it and buy a new one! And I have his pipes today, and they are in superb shape ~ back then, people took care of things and very much expected them to last.