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Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding Special Reserve 4oz
Singin' the Balkan Blues......
After reading so many great reviews I had to see what I was missing. I had visions of Sugar Plums dancing in my head, but after cracking the tin, I began second guessing my decision. Sure, I got what most were talking about, the smoky, woody, earthy aroma, but for me, the jury was still out. Packed and lit, for the first moment or two things were just OK, but after mid-bowl and a couple of fussy re-lights, I couldn't get away from the smell and taste of Sulfur. I thought I was chewing on a bunch of match stick heads. This tobacco does not rub well, and was a bit too moist when delivered. My wife, who usually enjoys most of my selections, left the room, complaining about the heavy blue smoke that was not at all pleasant. The second and third attempts turned my Dunhill into a Skunkhill. I thought I was back in 1971 Germany, parked behind a 1961 two stroke Trabant in heavy traffic. At nearly double the price of most of my favorite blends, this Special Reserve needs to be smoked by someone more special than I. After buying my wife a Mississippi Mud Pie and rinsing my mouth out with Aunt Greta's Turkey Gravy, I am finally allowed back in the house.

Captain Black
Dark 1.5oz

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