1914 PIPER

Sutliff - Tobacco Galleria: Blue Note
Ummm, so…
I started off with aromatics, then shifted to English blends. Had a jar of this and figured I’d switch it up. Weird how I could feel the casing on my fingers, thought it’d be some syrupy goop tarnishing my new meerschaum. But it was a surprisingly blah smoke. Faint flavorings, very pleasant smell, easy burn, no bite, only one relight, and hardly any gurgle (biggest surprise of all). Still not a fan of syrup tobacco but for a random dessert or two change lanes once in a while, Blue Note ain’t bad.

Lighters - IM Corona Old Boy Matte Black
Wasn’t sure until I was
I kept watching and looking and watching and looking. Price tag was scary but I was tired of wasting money on cheap lighters and dirty butane. Got this and fell in love. Feels heavier than it looks. Lights every time. Looks and feels well made. And the cool factor of opening the cover and flicking on a flame to light a pipe while other patrons try not to stare makes it worth it.

Cornell & Diehl - Billy Budd 2oz
I’m new to the wonderful hobby and so still learning. And this taught me that I might not be a burley fan. Simply the taste is a bit boring. Doesn’t stimulate me like Black Duck or Habana Daydream. Perhaps because it’s burley as opposed to Latakia? But it’s something I’ll put in the bowl when I need something less interesting. Or at least until I finish this tin

Cornell & Diehl - Black Duck 2oz
Wasn't sure I'd like duck hunting
But damn I do! Got this on a whim because the smoking duck picture intrigued me and the reviews encouraged me. And dang, it's a fun smoke for me. It's been a while since I smoke the last bit (and my newest tin just arrived) but I remember a slight almost saltiness to it and a definitely satisfying experience. This, along with Habana Dream, is in my current top 5. Only wish it came in bulk...

Cornell & Diehl - Habana Daydream
My current favorite
I'm fairly new to the hobby (approx. 6 months) and haven't sampled too many strains, but THIS is probably my favorite and might continue to be for a long time. Love the kick I get from it and the slight burn on retrohale. Unlike some other "softer" smokes, this is never one that I forget is in my pipe while I'm smoking. When drifting off into a daydream, it reminds me it's there. And it's very tasty.l

Sutliff - Match Late Evening
Not bad, but not Nightcap
Unfair that I bought this along with Habana Dream. No comparison to that strong, fine blend. But while not bad, this is not close to my recollection of the strength and taste of Nightcap either. Still, a nice English and something I could keep in rotation, especially with Nightcap so hard to find here.

Nightcap 50g

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Cornell & Diehl
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Match Late Evening

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