Samuel Gawith - Balkan Flake 8oz
boot, smoked horse sh!t, and that difficult to nail down oriental sour. burns cool, and burns -forever-. this is a really great, dank balkan.. i'd rank it right up with SOTE flake. it'll be interesting to see how it ages. ed: i could have sworn this stuff had orientals in it, there's something sour standing in for them, the VAs maybe? somehow? xD trying not to burn myself out on this but it's hard not to smoke it.

St. Bruno - Flake 1.75oz
this is pretty good, but it 100% tastes like tomato ketchup. 🤔

Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop Cake 2oz
wanted to like it *updated*
i picked up some bulk hb early this year based on all the positive reviews and figured i'd got the bottom of the batch or something.. aging it a few months in the cellar didn't help, so i'd kind of given up on it. saw this hb cake and figured what the hell, good price, everybody loves cake, etc. same deal. here's what i don't get about hb... i'm a cig smoker, smoking pipes trying to cut back, and this tastes like cigarettes. not camel lights, mind you, or anything fancy, but cheap, old... you ever see those harley davidson cigarettes you could buy for 89c at that one weird gas station with the wall of pickled pig parts? those. take a pack of marb lights, get them slightly wet, toss them on the dash of your car and leave them there through at least one summer, and *skablam!* you've got hb. i'm wondering if folks that gush over this stuff have ever tried a cigarette, because the nic hit is the only thing hb has going for it, and the common "it sucked at first but it really grew on me, weird!" response makes more sense if you're used to far more light and fluffy stuff. update.. i've found that mixing hbs and cult cherry 4:1 or so makes them both smokeable, so that's something. lol.

Brebbia - Latakia Flake 50g
i've recently gotten back into smoking pipes, tried quite a few blends over the last few weeks, and then i cracked a tin of this flake. it's pretty much exactly what i've been looking for. fantastic smoke, perfect moisture out of the tin, smokey and leathery and flavorful. just ordered more to cellar.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Dark Flake Unscented
i'm in the process of quitting cigarettes (many years) and i've noticed most of the tobaccos i've tried haven't exactly scratched that nic itch. this stuff, though, is insane.. three or four puffs and my head was actually swimming. shazam. i'm considering trying to use this as a boost to my other english type blends. very smooth and smokey by the way, i'd never suspect its strength from the smoking.