John M.

Perdomo - Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Connecticut Robusto
Peppery bland
I found these the same as the Champagne Perdomo 10th anniversary, I just don't like connecticut, i'm a Maduro preference.

Perdomo - Humidified Bag Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne (4 Pack)
Plain with lots of smoke
Sorry i didn't find this cigar that special, I smoked it the moment I received it and I din't really enjoy it much, maybe Connecticut is not for may taste buds.

E.P. Carrillo - Dusk Stout Toro
Great cigar, woody with earthy flavours, good burn to the end.

Oliva - Serie O Habano #4
Good Cigar
I really enjoyed the flavours of this cigar, good smooth, firm draw, will buy again.

Quorum - Shade Corona (20 Pack)
Great price
Can't complain at this price, very bland and good smoke, good draw, prefer the Maduro over these.

Punch - Elites EMS
Great price
You can't go wrong at this price, nice peppery notes

Alec Bradley - Project 40 Maduro Gordo
Nice flavours
Nice smoking experience a little too large for my liking but good smoke and ash along the way.

Punch - Clasico Maduro Elites
Good price for a cigar
Medium body cigar with a peppery finish, draw a little tight but otherwise ok.

Drew Estate - Kentucky Fire Cured Just A Friend
Just like it's little brother Fat Molly
Very nice woody flavours like when you have a bbq or a fire outside and you smell the wood, just a pleasant nice rich smoke.

Camacho - Fresh Pack Connecticut Robusto (4 Pack)
I found these compared to the Red much smoother, there were some earthy & creamy flavours.

CAO - Bella Vanilla Corona
Smooth & Creamy
Just a beautiful nice anytime cigar for relaxing and unwinding from a hard or not so hard day.

Oliva - Serie G Maduro Torpedo
Smooth & Smokey
Very nice smooth draw, nice earthy flavours with a hint of coffee.

Camacho - Fresh Pack Corojo Robusto (4 Pack)
Charcoal Taste
I tried these cigars for the very first and last time and I found them very bitter and like a cigar thathad be re lit a few times, to my taste buds anyway. Ive been told the Connecticut is much smoother. I hope that maybe I had a bad batch.

Punch - Elites EMS
Just tried my first one of these cigars and I jave to say I was impressed , perfect burn all the way to the end, good smoke and draw, a bit peppery for me but overall nice.

AJ Fernandez - Bellas Artes Robusto
I had my first AJ Fernandez Bellas Artes Robusto and it was a delightful experience, very smooth and a lovely medium to strong cigar. I would highly recommend this stick for any occasion.