Thomas T.

Cornell & Diehl - Exclusive
Worth the wait
I'm a VaPer fan in a big way so when I ran across this blend,I had to give it a try. God knows why I bought a pound of it...I guess because I was just sure I would love it. Not so much. I really can't tell you what it was about this blend that put me off...maybe because the Virginia was so far in the back seat to the Perique that it lacked balance for me. Regardless I didn't like it, so I just stuffed the whole pound in a couple of Mason jars and set it back. That was April 2015. Last night I was going through all my jars of tobacco and stumbled across those 2 jars of Exclusive. 1 is a quart stuffed full and the remainder went into a pint so I twisted off that pint jar lid and was smacked in the face with an aroma that was indescribable. I just had to try some so I got one of my old trusty MM cobs and filled it about half way and gave it what for. The title of this review came from my impression as I dipped away at this bowl. It's still a strong blend but it's so much more balanced than what I remember it. I finished that half bowl and immediately had another...I'm so glad I have that pound of tobacco now! Time heals all wounds as they say and nearly 6 years of aging was the catalyst for a very pleasant metamorphosis.

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