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Cornell & Diehl - Folklore 16oz
Got Lucky
I had already made peace with missing out on this one and by dumb luck it was still in stock when I happened to wake up at 2:00AM. I'm a big fan of C&D, can't wait to give this a try

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    Pipe Smoking Stereotypes
  • ► Great article, Mr. Chuck! It was my 18th birthday when I bought my first pipe. A cheap cob and some drug store Royal Cherry Cavendish. Back then I worried about what strangers thought when they saw me puffing away. 11 years later I know better, and if I get comments at all they seem to be compliments. Ladies love a pipe smoker, in my experience.
    The History of Mac Baren Tobacco
  • ► I've been going through a lot of Daily Reader articles the past couple weeks and Chuck's articles have very quickly become my favorites. I really like your style, Mr. Stanion