Aaron M.

Germain - Royal Jersey: Cavendish and Virginia 50g
A best kept secret
I enjoy unique flavors, but some are more than just unique. This one is wonderful and has that all-day quality that makes me check daily for its next “in-stock” status on SmokingPipes. The tin note is banana bread, zucchini bread, not intense, deceptively mild, very unique. Surprisingly this tastes oriental forward to me. It won’t bite and each ribbon cut is shriveled into a kind of interesting twist. I can taste the cavendish for what it is, without massive flavoring.

Sutliff - 777 Amaretto
Less-known All-Day Smoke
Not many reviews here. It smokes like Prince Albert or Carter Hall. Burley heavy flavor, amaretto pushed to the background while lit. The tin note is strong and sweet amaretto, and the strength of the amaretto does not directly translate to the smoking experience. This sudden decline in perceived flavor from tin to light is a letdown for some. The room note after smoking and returning to the quarters is once again a fairly strong and very satisfying amaretto. A smoked pipe is left with a wonderful amaretto essence, but not necessarily ghosting it forever. I’d smoke this in public areas and with non-pipesmokers due to the room and tin note primarily.

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