Thomas E.

H. Upmann - 1844 Reserve Aperitifs (6 Pack)
Good Flavor, Ok Construction
I agree with other reviews. The flavor on these is good and enjoyable, but getting a good cut that doesn't have tobacco dangling and falling into your mouth is difficult. A number of mine fell apart easy. I ended up cutting all mine at home where I had the time and patience to get a good cut on them, then replaced them in wrappers to carry around for when I was ready to smoke.

Arturo Fuente - Chateau Fuente Natural
Go-To Cigar
Love these cigars. It's a perfect go-to/beginner cigar. Decent price to quality value. If I want something to smoke and don't really care much what it is but don't want to venture out to something new, this is a classic.

Aganorsa Leaf - Aniversario Maduro Short Churchill
DELICIOUS and STRONG but Smooth!
I usually avoid the maduros and darker cigars. Being newer to cigar smoking, I sometimes find them too much for me. This cigar nearly knocked me on my a$$, but it was AMAZING! Delicious flavor palate, super enjoyable, well made to the point of holding a crazy long ash. I smoked this cigar in late afternoon and found the chocolatey, earthy flavors great! Would definitely smoke again on a special occasion!

Baccarat - Toro
Surprisingly Sweet?
Are the tips of these dipped in flavoring or cognac? When I smoked this cigar, I was surprised to taste a sweetness on the cap and head that I wasn't expecting. I've heard mixed reviews on the build quality of these, that some are great smokes and others have blockages. Mine did not. It smoked smooth with a good draw and a mild sweetness that I really enjoyed. Want to try another to verify the good experience I already had!

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