About Me:
I'm european, smoke a bowl or two daily but some days i skip completely, so all day smokes & mild tobaccos are not my thing. Love perique, hate burley

Cornell & Diehl - Izmir Turkish
What a great surprise
I was used to percive orientals as spicy, a bit sour, with a metallic taste. Actually this is true only when combined to virginias or other tobaccos. This one tastes a little like smoked wood, like a faint latakia, and it has sweetness. Sometimes it reminds me of the cigarette taste, but so much better. It burns beautiful to the end, leaving a nice ash, no tongue bites, no harsh spots. Goes perfectly with coffee. Stays in my rotation. It blends very well with other tobaccos, but I think that there are allready lots of good oriental mixes on the market so i rather smoke it like that.

F & K - Lancer Ready Rubbed
Best old school balkan blend
So, this was a huge pleasant surprise. It felt like i was smoking an old book. Being used to more modern blends (which i can compare to a cake) where chemistry may be playing a more important part, i was a little worried, because both flavour and taste were different but after a few minutes, i was just seduced. It has a slight cedarish taste, both latakia and the orientals are very well balanced, taste and aftertaste are both delicios, like a good merlot or an espresso stretto, but gentle and velvety. Wish it had more Virginias.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Morning
Very good
Well, this is a tobacco you must try. Especially if you are new to pipesmoking. It is quite strong and has a lot of good perique and good virginias. This will tell you if you love perique or not, and if you like stronger smokes or not. I do not have my pipe in the mouth for the whole day therefor i hate all-day-tobaccos, they give me the feeling that i have wasted my time. This is pure joy for me. I absolutely love perique and this has always been a wonderful experience. Even when i was new to pipe smoking. Keep a drink next to you. Your mouth may get dry. And always go slow when smoking virginias.

Sutliff - Match 20
The morning coffee companion
So this is a light english. Sweet, not harsh, not overwhelming in any way, but if you add some strong coffee, oh my God, it is perfect! I have joyfully smoked it every day for 2 weeks. Without coffee is average (it fades after 1/4 of bowl and needs to be kicked in the butt with a cup of coffe or a small piece of dark chocolate from that time on), so i would say that the below 4 stars scored are a fair mark, but this is my favourite morning coffee tobacco and just for that it has my 5*. Very similar to Heavy english(reviews are quite simular for that matter) but with some extra oriental (in my opinion).

Sutliff - Match Victorian
Very nice all day va-per
I have not smoked Murray's mixture so I will not judge this as a match to something. I do not like all day blends but this is mine. More precisely this is my work horse. When i am in doubt about what tobacco should I smoke, or if I work around the house and i can't take good care of my smoke, I fill 4/5 of the bowl with this and 1/5 with virginia slices, fire it up and have a very nice smoke. By its own, it warms up quite slow, it has some topings, it is not complex at all, not something to remember, but it is a very nice, simple, tasty smoke. Well done! Later edit: does not age well

Sutliff - 503 Heavy English
The morning coffee companion
So this is a light english. Sweet, not harsh, not overwhelming in any way, but if you add some strong coffee, oh my God, it is perfect! I have joyfully smoked it every day for 2 weeks. Without coffee is average, so i would say that the 3.72 (4 stars)points scored are a fair mark, but this is now my favourite morning coffee tobacco and just for that it has my 5*. Heavy recomandable! Very similar to Match 20(reviews are quite similar for that matter) but a tad sweeter.

Cornell & Diehl - Autumn Evening
Very good
I do not smoke aromatics. I buy only one or two tins every year, for Christmas or for Easter, when we have guests, or when we visit other people, and i want something that smells good. I belive that this is a wonderfull tasting aromatic that keeps it's flavour throughout the entire bowl, that burns very well and leaves you with no tongue burns and a nice afertaste, but smoke smells like simple tobacco. So, as a virginia/vaper/english blend smoker, i was quite impressed with this tobacco, because usually is the other wat around: it smels nice but it tastes like crap. The main problem, for me, is the poor room note, which is a crucial factor for an aromatic.

Sutliff - 507C Virginia Slices
Very good for mix
So this a very easy, tasty, smoke, i found it mild or les than that, to have a very nice taste, but nothing develops from there, nothing evolves. It actually is too mild for my taste and after a while it gets boring, I also think it is too young. But that good virginia taste pops at the first spark so i love it for "in bowl" mixtures, where it stays on top. I allways have a jar of it around. 3,5 stars alone, 5 stars in mix

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Night
Almost perfect
This is the best perique-latakia blend i have ever smoked. The amount of perique is impressive but you need not to worry, it's excellent quality perique with a lot of flavour. Latakia is not overwhelming but present the entire smoke. Red virginias are there, tangy. The only weak point of this mixture is the burley which is harsh and unnecesary.

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