Mark R.

Newminster - No.306 English Orient
Interesting mixture
Interesting mixture. Think of a mild english, with a nutt/earthy flavor and slightly sweet on the draw.

Capstan - Flake Blue 1.75oz
Great smoke
Great taste, no bite and I smoke fast, really does smell like ketchup....or katsup..... left in the jar for a while and the ketchup did subside allowing the hay like VA shine through. Would be great to throw in a jar and let sit for a year or two. I agree with others, the price they are charging doesn't really (to me at least) line up with the smoke.

John Cotton's - Smyrna 1.75oz
Not bad, cut is obnoxious
Tastes great, heavy lat, that cut though. After every pack, no matter what, I'd suck down a mouth full of fine tobacco flakes. Very obnoxious. Both this blend and #3 both have very fine flakes

Cornell & Diehl - Red Odessa
Great mid day smoke
Excellent for mid day/afternoon. Tin note is reminiscent of cheese. Like a light Swiss, slightly smokey. Not a lat bomb by any means but you can tell it's there. Cut of the tobacco packs well and burns even better. Decent little burn on the retro, but not crazy on the perique. Will not make it into my daily rotation but it is a decent try non the less.

No.306 English Orient

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