Cornell & Diehl - Palmetto Balkan 8oz
i actually smoked it
And I love it. Shame on all the haters. This is the best tasting Balkan Ive had in a long time that wasnt a kind sample of some holy grail impossible to find blend. Got 4 tins total bc this an amazing blend that has Latakia i can actually enjoy.

El Rey Del Mundo - Oscuro Robusto
I enjoy it
My kind of a no nonsense cigar. I will be buying more of em.

Sutliff - Uno
I knew I would like this blend. Outstanding. Unique Uno. Fully rubbing out the crumble flake is the secret sauce for me.

Drucquer & Sons - Loch Ness 100g
What is a Scottish blend?
I still have no idea what makes a blend Scottish. However I do know that once again Mr Pease has made another outstanding blend that just captures my attention. Am I the only one who thought that is the heftier cousin to Chelsea Morning? Just get some, youll thank me later.

La Palina - KB Part Three
so so
An okay cigar but not as strong as it claims.

La Flor Dominicana - La Volcada Petite
love em
Powerful high quality 15 min little smokes.

H. Upmann - AJ Fernandez Heritage Robusto
Simply a fantastic cigar!

Cornell & Diehl - Eight State Burley 2oz
OTC blend in a tuxedo
I am smoking the 4th pipe of this blend and can say that i really do enjoy this fancy OTC tasting Burley Sun Bear minus the alcohol topping. This is a light aro to my taste buds. The casings of honey and chocolate, maybe a dash of vanilla, do not take away from the amazing aged leaf in this blend. Remember as with all blends that YMMV and to GYA. I look forward to aging this blend.

Padron - Maduro 2000
very good
Padron quality and at a great price point. I really enjoy this one.

Aladino - Corojo Reserva No. 4 Limited Edition 2020
Just enough spice and is a consistent smooth flavor. I really enjoy this cigar.

F & K - Black Bayou Mist
very solid
This is a poor mans Bill Bailey Balkan Blend. A very solid blend.

Kramer's - Father Dempsey
Dunhill Standard Mixture in Bulk
Tastes exactly like Dunhill Standard Mixture. Just a solid English.

F & K - Sterling Balkan
English Aromatic Not a Balkan
What the heck? That hint of sweetness is some sort of berry flavoring that ruins the smoke. Tastes and smells like an Aromatic to me. Yuck.

Brebbia - Latakia Flake 50g
a simple good blend
This is made by Dan Tobacco now(the DT paper insert gives that away) and quite honestly is a better version of SG Commonwealth or F&K Lancer Slices in flake form. I am impressed with how well balanced it is.

Dan Tobacco - Old Ironsides 50g
The Finest Latakia Blend
I have tried all the so called best and classic English/Balkan Blends but THIS is in unqualified opinion is BEST english to my taste buds. Tis a reason this sells out so quickly. Even more sublime after a year in the cellar.

Ashtrays - Craftsman's Bench Boca Grande Maduro
Exactly what i was looking for, for my porch. Will last me many years! Get one if you are looking for an artistic ashtray.

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - Evening Flake
a smooth VaPer
Finally got some of this blend and I am glad i did! This will become a rotation maker. As much as I have loved PS bullseye flake, this will replace it in my rotation. Just a perfect Vaper IMHO!

La Flor Dominicana - Double Ligero Maduro 660
one of my fav LFD cigars
The DL 660 is the ideal cigar for me. Another desert island smoke.

G. L. Pease - Westminster 2oz
a classic
If you are wondering why so many love English blends then start here and youll understand why.

E. Hoffman Company - Spilman Mixture 2.5oz
Gross Chemical Taste
A file 13 blend. That fake chemical musty crap just ruins it. Yuck.

Cornell & Diehl - Purple Cow 2oz
Glad i finally got this classic blend. A VaBur with wonderful CigarLat spice. This is a rotation maker for me.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Dark Bird's Eye
Just a fantastic tobacco that will put hair on your chest. Get a MM devil anse and smoke it ssssllooww. Enjoy!

Peterson - Irish Flake 50g
a classic
Puts hair on your chest. Get ya some!

Cobblestone - Brick Burley Plug 1.75oz
a sleeper
I am glad i finally got this blend. IMHO this must be what HH Burley Flake looks like before they slice it. Another smooth burley forward to smoke while lamenting over ABF never being available.

Seattle Pipe Club - Seattle Evening 2oz
One of my favorites
This is very much EMP with more Turkish oomph. In 2019 this was my go to blend. After exploring many different blends, I recently came back to this wonderful blend. Very much an all day blend. Sweet, spicy and smoky. Just a fantastic Lat/Or forward blend.

Drew Estate - Nica Rustica Short Robusto
dang good
One of my go to cigars when i want to forget about life and make clouds of smoke with this perfect cigar. Well at least i think its perfect.

Cornell & Diehl - Carolina Red Flake with Perique 2oz
so good
That it broke the website once again haha! Smoking this wonderful Vaper right now. What a perfect blend for this cool fall evening. I really wish all VaPers were this fantastic! A dang good smoke yall.

Cornell & Diehl - From Beyond 2oz
opened a portal to The Beyond
I stayed up late to get this small batch. Whats yalls excuse? (BTW there is no burley listed on any of my tins??? Uh huh.) Update, just finishing up a bowl of this well balanced spicy aged Nightcap on steriods. I have an open can of NC and they both smell the same in the tin. However the perique in FB is sublime. Once again another outstanding small batch.

Mac Baren - HH Rustica Flake 3.5oz
Love that Rustica
I do not understand the once a year drops in Murica when the EU clearly always has it in stock. Make this readily available over here too yall!

Warped - Cloud Hopper 2oz
Dang good.
The only blend i have enjoyed cigar leaf was C&D Sansepolcro. Well here makes the second one that Ive enjoyed. Well done blend that just nails that cigar flavor while still being enjoyable as a pipe blend. A true unicorn indeed.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Dark Flake Unscented
1792 replacement
Basically 1792 flake without the toppings. Love it!

Peterson - Early Morning Pipe 50g
Just a perfectly made light English blend. Not much more can be said about this wonderful blend. Glad its still around. No need to chase it down

Seattle Pipe Club - Mississippi River Special Reserve Flake 2oz
Chunky Flake Cakes?
I am smoking my 6th bowl of this totally not a flake but a sliced crumble cake. There is no difference between this and MRSR. The one bonus of the quote flake version is this tastes aged right out of the tin. No need to rest or open then age with this blend. Dont get me wrong either version are sublime. I just hope they keep this one for those of us who enjoy flakes/cakes and dont have the time to prepare plugs. When you open the tin spicy stewed bbq fruit hit you nose as you look at chunkiest crumbliest flake cakes you will ever see. Enjoy!

Drew Estate - Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly
Not my fav but a good change of pace. Strangely it reminds me of Latakia and not DFK. Go figure huh?

Bolivar - Cofradia No. 554
very good
I really enjoy this smoke.

Caldwell Cigar Company - Blind Man's Bluff This Is Trouble
Worth every penny. Smooth and spicy.

La Flor Dominicana - Colorado Oscuro No. 4
My fav cigar
Simply put this is my desert island cigar.

La Flor Dominicana
La Volcada Petite

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