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Stopped smoking 55 years ago. Started again in 2017. Doctor said I'd die in 15 years. I'm 75. Who cares?

G. L. Pease - Penny Farthing 2oz
Old Camels, eh?
One reviewer says this tastes like unfiltered Camel cigarettes. There is nothing wrong with unfiltered Camels. Best cigarette ever. But this tobacco tastes nothing like a Camel. It shares some Virginia flavor. It has dark fired Kentucky and perique, which Camels don’t have. This is a extravagantly flavorful pipe tobacco blend. Try smoking tobacco from a Camel in your pipe. When you can stop coughing long enough, give me a call and tell me how you like it. (910) 424-4756.

Cornell & Diehl - Bijou 2oz
A favorite
To me, this is one of the best oriental forward blends available. Using Katerina gives floral notes that meld well with the florals in the light honey casing. The Virginia’s give heft and body and enough nicotine to make the blend worth smoking.

Cornell & Diehl - Blue Ridge 2oz
Creative and delightful
This is exceptional. This is how you bring out the best in a stoved Virginia. Add a good dose of unflavored black cavendish, some high quality orientals for subtle but insistent flavor and perique for strength and dried fruit fragrance. You have created a unique blend that is very satisfying.

Cornell & Diehl - Yorktown
Oh Wow
Great flavor. Probably the best pure Virginia I’ve smoked. I love it. Has great smoking qualities. Smoked slower and cooler than you’d expect. And the fragrance is wonderful. A whiff of bread and redolent of fermenting hay warming the barn in winter and smelling like heaven.

Cornell & Diehl - Sansepolcro 2oz
Great blend
Want to see what a great tobacco tastes like? Try this. I like everything about it. I even like that you named it for the town where the tobacco was grown, even though I can’t pronounce it. In the last year, I have smoked more than 100 tobaccos, including a dozen or so I have cut, blended fermented, pressed, heat-pressed, and sealed myself. This is the best I have smoked, ever.

Cornell & Diehl - Seersucker 2oz
Pretty good smoke
I rate this a little above 3 stars because it’s better than average, even with no cellaring. I smoked a tin of it to decide whether to add it to my cellar. I will. I like the light casing, though I can’t identify the fragrance that was used. I’d guess a very light touch of rum. I like the blending of cigar leaf with orientals. I like the inclusion of black cavendish for its enhancement of smoking qualities. The Virginia is only average, but with age it will become much better. So several tins will go into my basement next time I order. This is especially nice in a clay pipe, which is what I always use for my first test of a new tobacco. My clay pipes are kept thoroughly cleaned for this reason. The bit of burley enhances the casing, adds body and provides necessary strength.

Cornell & Diehl - Shandygaff
A top tier tobacco
The flavor is unique. The smoking qualities could not be better. Shandygaff light easily, burns cool, stays lit and leaves little trash in the bottom of the bowl. The flavor is rich and strong. The nicotine level is rewarding. The price is reasonable. When I want something other than an English/Balkan blend to smoke, Shandygaff is one of my first choices.

Arango - Balkan Supreme
Top 5 English, at least
Truly great English blend for a great price. Every time I smoke Arango Balkan Supreme, and I do often, I am amazed again at how good it is. Great flavor, smokes cool and slow, no bite, leaves pipe clean and dry, great Virginias get better with age.

Cornell & Diehl - Shandygaff
Perfect for a drink
This wonderful blend is a perfect complement to a dirty martini. I’m having one now, and I’m drinking one now. Both are salty and wonderful.

Warped - Kings Stride 2oz
Best in class
‘s Cloud Hopper, and GL Pease’s Robusto and Key Largo, in that order. All are 5-star winners for me, but King’s Stride is in a class of its own. It is a balanced blend, as are the Pease blends, but the cigar leaf still takes a starring role, though not as rough and tumble as in some blends. The flavor is enhanced by cavendish-style fermentation, which also tamed the monster that cigar leaf can be in some blends. The judicious use of burley along with perique and perique gives a medley of flavors that enhance the cigar flavor. Inclusion of black cavendish makes the blend easy to light and smoke. It burns cool and slow with no bite.

Warped - Cloud Hopper 2oz
Great cigar leaf blend
Stronger flavored but less refined than Warped’s other cigar-leaf blend but just as deserving of a five-star rating. Strong, copious nicotine, Tasty Virginia’s. Fragrant perique all combine to form one of the most satisfying cigar-leaf smokes. The cirillo probably is Cirillo 98, a 3rd generation hybrid of the original Cuban seed leaf bred to resist fungus attacks.

Arango - Balkan Supreme
Oh my! How good!
I tried Balkan/English blends for a few weeks looking for the best. This was it.

Arango - Balkan Supreme
Best in class
Great tobaccos perfectly blended and processed. The best English blend I have tried. I’ve tried most.

G. L. Pease - Samarra 8oz
The Best
This is a truly special blend with flavor you will find nowhere else. Other than a couple of my own, this is my favorite, and my absolute favorite among any blends you can buy off-the-shelf. It deserves the 5-star rating and then some. Amazingly satisfying and pleasing.

Three Nuns
Three Nuns 1.75oz

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No.400 Superior Navy Flake

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G. L. Pease
Robusto 8oz

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Low Country
Natural Virginia

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1864 Perfect Mixture 100g

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St. James Park 50g

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Pure Caribe 500g

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Cornell & Diehl

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Cornell & Diehl
Sansepolcro 2oz

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TS-20 Louisiana Perique

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Daughters & Ryan
Ramback 3.5oz

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G. L. Pease
Cumberland 20th Anniversary 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Samarra 20th Anniversary 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Triple Play 2oz

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Granger 12oz

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G. L. Pease
Triple Play 8oz

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Peter Stokkebye
PS400 Luxury Navy Flake

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G. L. Pease
Key Largo 8oz

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Daughters & Ryan

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Low Country
Natural Virginia & Oriental

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Nightcap 50g

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G. L. Pease
Haddo's Delight 8oz

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Samuel Gawith
St. James Flake 250g

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Cornell & Diehl
Black Cavendish

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Cornell & Diehl
Red Virginia Cavendish

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Anno MMVII (Black Mixture)

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G. L. Pease
Regents Flake 2oz

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Balkan Supreme

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Father Dempsey

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Mac Baren
HH Pure Virginia 1.75oz

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Pure Caribe 50g

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War Horse
Bar 1.75oz

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Cloud Hopper 2oz

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Kings Stride 2oz

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