Christopher B.

Aladino - Maduro Corona Box-Pressed
Lovely medium weight, very close to a cuban. Nice, robust, earthy flavour, with a walnut like finish. A bit salty.

Aladino - Corojo Reserva No. 4 Limited Edition 2021
Horribly rolled, weak flavour
Very, very, very subtle cigar. Good for a beginner I suppose. Unlit, it has an earthy, strange flavour that entrigued me. Very barnyardy, almost like the smell of fish sauce. First third had very little flavour. By half way starts to develop a slight graham cracker/green pepper/dry hay taste. Unfortunately, it had a horrible burn. It refused to hold an ash, and burned very uneven. It seemed as though the wrapper was too thick, while the inner was too loose. It was mildly decent for a very light cigar, but the wrap was horrendous. It burned uneven, kept dropping the ash, and by the last third, it kept going out even while being actively smoked. By the end it was like smoking a cheap gas station cigar. It fell apart and refused to stay lit. For the price there is much better out there.

Tatuaje - Black Label Petite Corona BC
Nice clean full flavour in small package
Upfront coffee and cream with a deeper cedar finish, and a nice earthy undertone. Definitely more of a medium. Long smoke for such a tiny fella. Goes well with Blanton's.

Southern Draw - 300 Hands Habano Piramides
Poor construction, weak flavour
Had a nice smooth oily wrapper, with a prominent seam. Had a very inconsistent feel, definite hard spots and hollow spots. On a dry puff tasted a salty briny note that was interesting. 1st third was very weak. It started to develop flavour a little in second part. Notes of light cedar, briny, some subtle bell pepper. Last 3rd became harsh. It unfortunately had an inconsistent burn, and would run on one side. Ash fell off very quickly. After half way point it hit a hard spot and was very hard to keep lit. After halfway the ash splayed out and kept shedding off. Very messy. I found it far too light. The shoddy construction was disappointing. This was my first experience with 300 hands, but I certainly wouldn't recommend. The aftertaste was decent, left a briny note that was pleasant on the lips and front of tongue and not bad, but left the back of the throat a bit rough.

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