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Presbyterian - Ordained 50g
Great little smoke
Tried this on the last run and grabbed a few tins while supplies last. All the people that are posting negative reviews without trying this are missing out and acting like children. We are a piping community, let’s act like men.

War Horse - Green 1.75oz
Wow now this is a horse of a different color
Very subtle topping, full flavor with a nice Nic- hit. Delicious and will be a new addition to my weekly rotation.

Cornell & Diehl - Epiphany
Great smoke for reading
Smokes to the finish, smooth easy to work, very relaxing… fantastic overall.

Cornell & Diehl - Cross-Eyed Cricket 8oz
My Go 2 smoke
Best all around smoke, burns great. Sweet on the retro, cool burn and easy to keep going.

Missouri Meerschaum - Timeless 1.5oz
Better than people have said
Step #1 - let this one age in the tin for 6 months or a year before opening. Very smooth, burns well. Not overly done on the topping. Has a slight sweetness on the retro with a hint of the bourbon. To be fully honest it’s a solid 8 out of 10. I have a few tins put back to let it get a couple years age on them.

Sutliff - SPS-17 Lavish English
Good anytime smoke
Great for a lite English blend, no bite. Easy to smoke. Will keep some in stock

Mac Baren - Navy Flake 16oz
Best Navy Flake on the market
By far the best Navy for your pipe. Amazing notes, easy to keep burning, sweet taste with good smoke. I buy it and keep it in stock.

Cornell & Diehl - Privateer 8oz
My everyday blend
Great smoke for all day, cool smoke, easy to enjoy with a sweet back note. One of the blends I keep in stock.

Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop 8oz
Haunted and Crazy about it
Love this blend, perfect for reading a good book. Goes fantastic with a glass of bourbon, nice over all burn. Top notes of grass, leather, sweet dry bread. No tongue bite, smooth pillows of smoke. Get a tin you will not regret it.

Presbyterian - Reformation 50g
Reformation is the Golden grail
Absolutely beautiful blend. The dark fruit and chocolate notes are just enough, sweet on the finish. Oily a little on the tongue, but I like that so it’s a plus. Smokes well and has no problem burning all the way down to white ash. If you have not tried it get a tin if you can. I’ll be ordering as much as I can.

E. Hoffman Company - Distinguished Gentleman 7oz
Good American/English blend
Great little smoke for a walk around town or reading a good book while sitting outside under an ole magnolia tree.

Captain Black - Cherry 7oz
Very good smoke for the price
Not sure what all the negative comments are about. Captain Black is not meant to be top shelf tobacco, just a good everyday smoke, cutting the grass or working around the shop. It smokes well and has a sweet taste. If you want a better tobacco pay a better price. You get a good ole fashioned smoke with this cherry blend. Can not expect to much but it’s a tobacco I keep around the house.

Cornell & Diehl - Cross-Eyed Cricket 2oz
Well cross my eyes and call me a happy piper
This is my go to blend for everyday smoking, smooth and always burns well. If you have not tried it get a tin or 12. It also ages well, so buy a few cans to put back.

Cornell & Diehl - After Hours Flake 2oz
Wonderful way to end the day
Great way to fill your pipe in the evening, not an early morning blend but a fantastic after dinner smoke. Goes great with a dark wine or full flavored bourbon

Cornell & Diehl - Eight State Burley 2oz
Burley A+
If you are a fan of Burley this smoke is for you. Just a touch of sweet on the finish. Perfect !!!! Get some if you can

Peter Stokkebye - PS403 Luxury Bullseye Flake
Very nice
Overall a good smoke, stays burning with no problem, packs easy. Nice hint of sweet grass with leather and baked goods. Maybe biscuits. Will buy more.

Blackpool 8oz

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Black Grain Freehand (3)

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Point Clear Freehand (C)

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Carbone (155)

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Hornet Rocciata (9mm)

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Cocktail (111 KS) (6mm)

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Alligator Blue (320 KS) (6mm)

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Dolomiti Rusticated (320 KS) (6mm)

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Tortuga Rusticated (673 KS) (6mm)

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War Horse
Green 1.75oz

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Scarecrow 2oz

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Cumberland (2113) (2017)

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Derry Rusticated (106) Fishtail

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Marylebone Fossil (1820) (9mm)

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Benjamin Fossil (1814) (9mm)

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Country Lawyer 2oz

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Nightcap 50g

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Mac Baren
Navy Flake 16oz

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Cornell & Diehl
Eight State Burley 2oz

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