Ali S.

Camacho - Corojo Toro
The most non-Cuban cigar which tastes like a Cuban so far!
Smell: Nice fresh tobacco from both inside the cigar at foot and outside at the wrapper. Wrapper: is silky smooth with minimum veins, and deep brown color, but not dark. Structure: is bold (as what the company advertise) with consistent thickness. The cap is of triple. Cold draw: good draw (fairly open) with little constraint. Lighting: was lighten by soft flame lighter (slowly toasted). Cut: Using double guillotine. Flavor: Woody, leathery tobacco taste with lot of earthiness. The profile is almost consistent throughout the cigar. (this was expect, since all of the filler, binder, and the wrapper are made of the same type of tobacco). Burning: Nice consistent burning, with sharp burning line. Ash was holding nice from 1-2 inches. It was full-bodied cigar (full strength and full flavored cigar). Overall, the most non-Cuban cigar which tastes like a Cuban one that I have personally tried.

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