Kevin N.

Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop 2oz
Possessed by nicotine ghosts
I really wanted to like this blend, as the name is wonderfully suggestive. However, my enjoyment was cut short by the heavy nicotine content. After 2/3 of a bowl I felt dizzy and needed to lie down. Not pleasant. The flavor is complex, alluring, and enjoyable; I just wish it wasn't so strong. If you like heavy nicotine, or are a regular cigar smoker you will love this.

Cornell & Diehl - Pirate Kake 2oz
The 'Islay whisky' of pipe tobacco
This is a very smokey and savory tobacco of high quality. Slightly dry and astringent smoke (but in a good way?). Perhaps the antidote to sweet and cloying tobaccos. Occasional notes of dark baker's chocolate, hickory, and brine. Comparable to an Islay Whiskey in smokiness, though if one is looking for notes of peat I recommend C&D's 'Strathspey'. Fans of Lapsang Souchong tea (also very smokey) will love this. Maybe not a daily smoke for most people, but definitely something to have on hand. Best smoked after a meal (not before) or it will overpower one's palate.

Hearth & Home - WhiteKnight 1.75oz
Valiant reflection of BlackHouse
This is a fantastic blend. Flavor and notes have already been covered in depth by other reviewers. However, the drama extends beyond the flavor and aroma. You see, WhiteKnight is inexorably linked to Hearth & Home's other Marquee offering, BlackHouse. One might say WhiteKnight is the 'Yang' to BlackHouse's 'Yin'. Their profiles are complimentary to each other. In fact -- and here's a little secret -- you can even see the BlackHouse castle in the background of WhiteKnight's tin art! It is representative of the eternal struggle between light and dark. So, if you buy WhiteKnight, make sure to purchase it's dark brother, Blackhouse, too and witness the epic battle play out across your palate.