Drew C.

Punch - Signature Torpedo
Good "Thinker"
This cigar (as everything I've had from Punch) is extremely well made, and of great quality. It burned exceptionally well without burning too fast, and the draw is on the middle part of the scale. I generally have been smoking Romeo y Julieta Reserva Corona, but this has earned a place in rotation!

Old Dominion - Laughing King
The King Laughs
I enjoy using cob's while on trips, or out hunting because they always smoke well and they wont break the bank (or my heart) if they get lost or broken. This was the first cob I have smoked from Old Dominion and I was very pleased. It is exceedingly light, and seems to be a high quality cob for the bowl. The only hiccup I've found for myself really can't be held against the pipe and was easy to fix. The stem in it's standard configuration was just about 3/4" too long for my taste, but given the materials of the pipe, it was very easy to lop off a bit with a saw, sand it smooth and it's like it never even happened

Tampers & Tools - Tobacco Pipe Wind Cap
Worth their weight
As other reviewers have said, this seemingly basic covers are hugely indispensable. Great for prepping a pipe for later use, it is equally helpful while out walking when the wind whips up, or for me when out on the water.

Cornell & Diehl - Corn Cob Pipe and A Button Nose 2oz
A little corny
Overall not a terrible blend, but mostly just gets by on seasonal nostalgia. The tin note is definitely "hot chocolate" with a caramel note. Personally I was not a huge fan of the initial taste of the tobacco, but after a few minutes the casing becomes less pronounced and more palatable to me. The room note is nice and fairly mellow, and I have gotten a number of compliments on how it smells. If you're not sensitive to casing flavorings I'd say for sure give it a shot.

Sutliff - 523 Voodoo Queen
More is Better
Echoing what other reviewers have said, I have purchased this particular blend a hand full of times. The first batch I received was almost over powering with Latakia and Perique. The second batch, almost bland. I would suggest that you get this blend in a moderate volume and keep it well mixed. It ages extremely well, and personally I've enjoyed it after around a 6 month stint in a jar in my tobacco box. Also a fair warning, don't let the "raw" smell throw you off! It smokes quite nicely.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co.
Brown Irish X

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