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Newminster - No.400 Superior Navy Flake
Newminster Hits A Homerun With Me
Newminster #400 Superior Navy Flake has at once a mild, exquisite, full bodied flavor that is reminiscent of Escudo Navy Deluxe. But where this tobacco is smooth and mild, Escudo is stronger with a heavy, bolder note. Newminster being milder than Escudo would be an all day smoke if you preferred it. This is an exclusive tobacco that I would actually prefer to Escudo because it seems smoother and milder with a superbly rich tobacco flavor.

Lighters - IM Corona Old Boy Chrome Barley
Best Pipe Lighter-IM Corona Old Boy
I do not have, nor do I carry opinions. I stick to the facts and the Truth. I don't need to persuade anyone about this pipe lighter. I researched the lighter market from top to bottom and found the IM Corona Old Boy to be the best quality lighter for the price, functionality, aestetic quality, 2 year warranty, and my own personal experience having owned many lighters in my life. The Old Boy is the best lighter I have ever owned. I had the opportunity on this website to buy the Old Boy in black and chrome for $100 and that is an outrageous bargain. But I found a gold plated Old Boy for a third more and bought it. This Chrome Barley model has an even better looking case and an even better discount than I got for the gold plated model and we are talking about such beautiful workmanship. Do not pass this one by if you're shopping for a pipe lighter because you won't find a better deal. It is almost shocking to see what this maker's quality of design and workmanship is selling for and for SmokingPipes to offer it at a discount for even less is awesome.