Brian S.

Sutliff - Match Victorian
Welcome Surprise
There are three versions of Elizabethan; Murray's, Dunhill's and Sutliff's. This match is supposed to be similar to Marry's version, not Dunhills. That said, if you're looking for a Dunhill match, look elsewhere. Appearance: The cut is a large ribbon cut, maybe close to a shag. Bag Aroma: Deep mustiness, Little Sweetness, Very Slight Vinegar but not anywhere near other Sutiff blends. Light Plum but more like plum pulp tastes (without the bitterness of the skin), slightly sweet with just a hint of pepper. These all play very well together. Char Light: Definatley cased which is very forward but pleasant 1st Half of bowl: Mostly sweetness of Virginia's is noticeable, the casing is present but dissipates through the first half. Deep rich Virginia’s on right in the middle of hay and citrus 2nd Half: Pepper from the perique climbs a bit and becomes more forward but the symmetry between the virgina's and perique is maintained very well. Casing is still present but has been consistent through the entire bowl. I smoked this very slow and noticed no tongue bite at all. Conclusion: This is a pretty good tobacco on its own accord. I've never had Murry's or Dunhill's version so I wasn't biased by either in my review. I liked this one alot and for the price it will see plenty of time in my rotation.

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