Harold J.

Amphora - Full Aroma 1.75oz
Tried this as I have always felt that the original red Amphora was my all time favorite 20 or so years ago. Man was this the absolute WORST tobacco I have ever had in a pipe! I let it dry for 45 minutes as it was a gloppy mess right out of the pipe. Packed my pipe..lit the char and and was immediately taken aback by the most acrid taste I can remember! Tried to get through one bowl but could not stomach it what so ever. Not sure this is even worth the mason jar I have it in, but since I'm in Japan and paid $12.00 US for it...it will sit in the jar till next year this time at which point I will try it again. It will either be worth a smoke or hit the bin! Very not pleased with a name I had a great fondness for!!

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