William B.

G. L. Pease - Westminster 2oz
Great Tobacco Blend!
Cigar lover that is new to pipe smoking (8 months new), and so far this is my favorite blend. I started out with light aromatics and quickly became board. I would say the first quality pipe tobacco I really liked was Dunhill's London Mixture. I was blown away by the combination of Latakia and orientals. When I told my tobacconist how much I loved it and I wanted to try similar blends, he recommended Westminster. This blend is really really good, and is now my #1 favorite. If you like musty, smokey flavors with that tang of oriential leaf give this a try. Its really smooth also and everything blends together nicely. For comparison purposes I would say this is a bit darker and richer than London Mixture, and more savory than Plum Pudding (which I think is just a hint on the sweet side). Hope this helps boys. Enjoy!

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