Rattray's - Marlin Flake 500g
Patience is a virtue
Can it be sopping wet, yes. Can the cut be strange to the uninitiated, yes. I did find myself fighting this blend for some time. But it pays off. Once you nail down the moisture and you're rhythm it's captivating.

Cornell & Diehl - Manhattan Afternoon 2oz
Mornin brew
If your use to the C&Ds chunky flake style and have pipes that can dance with them I find it a much smoother smoke then some of their other straight Virginia's. Great for the morning.

Mac Baren - HH Latakia Flake 3.5oz
More than a English
I've always felt that English blends are very suitable for a new pipe smoker other than the fact that some people just don't like latakia. English blends can be a little one note. But flake behave and smokes like an easy English but than promotes the burley through the back door. I love to smoke this as a smokey burley blend and great for beginners and pros.

Sillem's - Councilor 1695 50g
Alot of VaPer's generally like to shine through brights and perique. The nice mix with the upfront red and perique is what makes this flake shine.

G. L. Pease - Windjammer 2oz
A can't miss flavor
If you love navyflakes, this is awesome. If you love digging in for more nuance, this is awesome. If you dont like aromatics but want some something slightly sweetened, this is awsome. At first light it can almost feel a little too sweet. But once you get going the natural sweetness of the Virginia's take over and if you really smoke slow and low you get that great mix of virginia and burley.

Sillem's - Mayor 1814 Flake 50g
Summer Flake
Not only is it a great Virginia but with how neat the flakes are and perfect moisture out the tin this a great warm weather tobacco.

Mac Baren - HH Burley Flake 3.5oz
Elegant Profile
The way this tobacco hits my palate is pretty unique. The flavor is rich but not overpowering. It behaves well in the pipe to allow more play and lets you find those subtleties. I also find it rare that you can get the same results from flakes from nothing rubbing it out and the fold-n-stuff. But that's pretty consistent in the HH line anyway.

Foundation Cigar Company - El Güegüense Robusto
Amazing smoke
It's like the perfect cup of coffee. The Flavor is rich but the profile is not overbearing. Great great smoke.

Mac Baren
HH Rustica Flake 3.5oz

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