John C.

Sutliff - Sutliff 1849 1.5oz
Not great.. At least compared to navy flake and other flake vapers
Bought this as an alternative to stokkebye luxury navy flake, but it's just not the same. Tin note had that dirty underwear smell, and not in a good way. But to it's credit it's a ribbon cut and perhaps unfair of me to compare to flake vapers.

Former - Bird's Eye Flake 50g
Great alternative to stokkebye navy flake
Bought this in my seemingly never ending search for ps400 alternatives, when it is out of stock. This is an excellent vaper that definitely has that same profile to me. I'm happy to have it as an alternative!

Low Country - Natural Virginia
My favorite virginia
It's just a great, simple virginia with no toppings. I dislike mostly all aromatics and sometimes you'll find virginias with supposedly no topping but obviously topped with something. If this has casing or topping, I can't detect it. It's got flavor and that flavor is just pure tobacco. To me, anyways. Can't go wrong at the price.

Filters & Adaptors - Medico Filters
Does what it's supposed to.
Great little filters. What else can you say?

Peter Stokkebye - PS400 Luxury Navy Flake
Awesome. Super Good Va/Per
Just great. Always good. Tastes like the tinned Va/Pers that cost 3-5 times as much -- to me, anyway. I don't know how but it's always consistently good.

Sutliff - 515 RC-1
Like smelling/smoking pure vinegar. Stings the nostrils.
From the mix of 5 and 1 star reviews, and considering my bag literally (not figuratively) smelled like someone soaked a sponge in vinegar, cut it up and put a label on it...I assume you either get a good bag or a bad bag with this blend. I gave it a couple weeks with some airing out to no avail. It stings my nostrils, and this is coming from a guy who loves tangy blends with perique etc. I assume this is a hit or miss blend -- some get it good, some get it bad. Roll the dice, I guess.

Creme Brulee

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