Nick F.

Hearth & Home - Magnum Opus 1.75oz
I’m pretty new to smoking pipe, but I have found this to be really amazing. I will definitely be buying more when I run out. Can’t put it down.

Cornell & Diehl - Evening Rise 2oz
This blend, and idk if it’s just me, but this blend is like eating a meal almost. I like it, but be prepared to take this one nice and slow.

Cornell & Diehl - Autumn Evening 2oz
So much maple
The topping is way way heavy. It’s not horrible on its own but I have found it to be a bit much.

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding 2oz
I feel so new to it all.
Being a new pipe smoker I picked this one up for the hype that goes with it. It’s nice, but however it’s not my favorite. I could see it being an “all day smoke”, and I’ve only had a few bowls so far, and I have found it does get better and better as the bowl smokes down. This one is good, but I think I’ll be trying other blends before buy more, because I have already experienced other brand I like far better.