James P.

Sutliff - 526 - Old Professor
Maybe Not What You Think
First off-- I am a relatively new pipe smoker, so this review is for folks who like me, are switching from cigarettes, and who are looking to capture a certain "ideal" of pipe tobacco. First off, this blend is VERY low nicotine, like frustratingly so. Secondly, it's very, very damp. Like, just dump it out on a plate for 12 hours (or more depending on the humidity where you live) and let it dry out. So for someone coming over from cigarettes, I gotta tell you, this is a big NO. On the other hand (as indicated by the enticing name) it does have the room-note that evokes days of yore... it smells wonderful, and takes me back to old books and time spent in libraries in Europe. Ok, I won't be buying this again, but it was a learning experience. And hey, if you want to smoke pipe and aren't also trying to have a satisfying nic-fix, maybe this might be for you. Again, the smell is wonderful, real old-school English charm.

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