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Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Night
Wicked Good...
It's an English blend, with all your usual suspects...excuse me, a Scottish blend of Burley, Latakia, Orientals, Perique, Virginia...like you've smoked in a hundred different blends, right? This is different. Someone left the Estrogen out of this one. You might not like this. Millennial's may be offended. This blend doesn't care about you. It's not going to hug you if you cry. This is artistry. Bold Perique forward, yet all the subtle nuances of the blend come through. Truly sublime.

Cornell & Diehl - Mountain Camp
I've wanted to try this blend for a good while. Now that I have, I'm kicking myself for not trying this sooner. Burley and Perique forward...hints of sweetness but a bold no nonsense smoke. I smoked this in an Old Dominion Chesapeake, just a 20 minute smoke to try this. I needed more. This is a outstanding blend. Other reviewers have called this something special. I must agree.

Low Country - Vanilla
Not Ready For Prime Time
Well, I smoke a good bit of LC Virginia and it's a great tobacco. Love LC Virginia...So I risked $3 and bought a bit of the Vanilla. The LC Hazelnut isn't bad...not great, but smoke-worthy. This simply had no vanilla flavor that I could distinguish. Disappointed, but hey, that's why we try different blends...I can imagine it's hard to create a good low cost aromatic. But you get what you pay for in the Aro-sphere... I gave it a 2.5 simply for the sake of customer service...it's ok...I don't need a refund...Thx Now, I hate to write bad reviews...and I'm a fan of LC. If I was advising them, I'd say..."Stick to what you're good at"...I'll keep buying their Virginia ...Virginia-Burley...Virginia-Oriental...that's great tobacco for a great price...

G. L. Pease - Robusto 2oz
Fantastic blend. More cigar forward and hints of Latakia in the background, Smooth, creamy, mouth-watering blend of fine tobaccos. Truly robust on initial light, the Latakia slides in for added spice as the bowl progresses. Truly, one of the finest blends I have smoked. Quality comes at a price. This is worth every penny.

Edward G. Robinson - Edward G. Robinson 1.5oz
I've wanted to try this blend for a while. I found this to be a mild aromatic that really came alive about midway through the bowl. Fruity, spicy, slow burning cool smoke. No chemical taste, clean burning, no bite. Truly a very pleasant smoke.

Captain Black - Original 1.5oz
Actually Not Bad...
I received a small bag of this from a friend for Christmas. I have never smoked this, so hesitantly I ventured into the OTC unknown. Let me say, it's sweet. Cloyingly sweet and initially disgusting, yet not as much PG as I imagined it would have. Yet I smoked on. Brave of me, right? Halfway through the bowl, I realized I was actually enjoying it. Vanilla, cherry maybe...it had a flavor, but what it was did not connect with any known flavor on Earth. I smoked on. I started to think of this dusky gal in Bangkok, a real crossway breezer I swear. So, all in all, I would say this is a tobacco to have around in a tobacco emergency, a Dystopian future where Smoking Pipes does not exist, God Forbid...

F & K - Lancer Slices
Frankly, my first bowl of this was underwhelming at best. That is simply due to all the DFK and cigar leaf my palette has grown accustomed to. This is a smooth refined blend. like a sipping whiskey. Once I removed my preconceptions, and just took it for what it was, I really enjoyed this blend. My first couple of bowls were in a clay pipe, I switched to an Old Dominion cob and that really kicked up the flavor. Virginia just loves those Old Dominion cobs. Now, this is a fairly robust priced blend. But after a couple days, I think I'll keep this in my rotation.

Sutliff - Pumpkin Spice
Pleasant Room Note
This was a pleasant smoke. I loaded a clean Meer and proceeded to get big billows of smoke.Quality tobacco. No chemical flavor or aftertaste. Room note was a real crowd pleaser. Now, I didn't get a strong pumpkin flavor but I did get a good cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice. Burnt marshmallow...not bad. Interestingly, the room note had a strong smell of pumpkin as I was told. For me a holiday treat and certainly fits the bill. Nicely done. It's true...the women folk find this aroma irresistible. They will be on you like white on rice. I guarantee.

Sutliff - Spiced Rum
Wicked Good...
Now I often flavor a bit of tobacco with rum, however I do not use a blackstrap rum, which this is flavored with. Outstanding. I was worried it would leave my pipe with a goopy mess but burned quite clean. Great tobacco, great flavor, this is an Aro winner in my book. I will order more.

Sutliff - Z50 Black Cordial
This was a tasty surprise. Well, I didn't get a lot of cherry or vanilla, but the spices were pleasant. A good winter smoke. Be warned, the nutmeg left my palette numb for a while after smoking this. So, smoke after dinner, not before. Good smooth smoke.

Sutliff - D61-Vanilla Royale
Nice Smoke
Very mild vanilla flavor. Outstanding gentle smoke. I will most likely mix this with LC Hazelnut. Enjoyable on its own, but subtle flavor.

Sutliff - 1M
Nice Smoke
Mild flavor, maybe a bit too mild for my taste, but enjoyable. Room note is nice, but a tad subtle in flavor for my taste.

Planta - Full English
Wicked Good...
I have tried a few of the Planta Aros and really like them, so I thought I would try their English blend. I loaded a Savinelli Dry System and proceeded to have my mind blown. I smoke a good bit of Billy Budd...This gives Billy Budd a run for the money...this is rich, dark, flavors of coffee and chocolate come through with the Java leaf. This is a superb blend I will be stocking up on. Latakia is present but not overwhelming, however the flavor of the Latakia lingered on my palette for a good while after finishing the bowl. This is a quality blend and excellent smoke. My only gripe is that this does not come in a resealable bag, so it needs a new bag or container after opening. A small price to pay for such a great smoke.But nevertheless, a little hassle.

Low Country - Hazelnut
I've been wanting to try this LC Hazelnut for a while. Now I smoke a bit of Nutty Irishman, so I'm comparing this to that. Overall it is a pleasant smoke. Not as flavorful as Nutty Irishman. I'll probably mix this with some vanilla or Cavendish. Good flavor, great price.

Grand Croupier - Double Down
I loaded up a new Old Dominion cob and was surprised at the sweet nutty flavor. I would say my bag was about 70% Burley, 30% Virginia...great quality. For the price it is simply outstanding.

Arango - Balkan Supreme
I've been smoking this blend a good while now...and have a few pounds up in smoke. This is a very nice smoke indeed. I noticed I neglected to write a review, so let me say, although the product description states "Full-bodied and Latakia-laden" I would say it is a medium strength and the Latakia is not overpowering, a quality well balanced blend. I did notice doing an inventory today that I have a couple pounds of this tucked away for a rainy day, or zombie apocalypse, either way, I've got a stash of this, so yeah, I'm good. I see it's becoming quite a popular blend, for a good reason.

Sutliff - J4 - Burley
Wicked Good...
OK, I smoke a good bit of C & D Burley in all it's glorious manifestations. I likes me some Burley. After reading such fine reviews I thought I would try this. So I loaded up a new MF clay pipe and took a little time out to try this. Surprised me, creamy nutty with a chestnut flavor. Mild, no bite, smooth all day kinda Burley. Medium strength, caramel like notes at the end of the bowl. Sweet Burley. Now I'm sure this will be a great blender, but this is a quality Burley to enjoy straight.

Cornell & Diehl - Derringer
Smooth Sweet Virginia
I smoke a good bit of Yorktown and Bright Virginia...and the last couple of days I've been smoking a good bit of the LC Virginia...so I'm comparing Derringer to these. I found this to be a pleasant sweet smoke, but I do think it may be cased with sugar as the natural flavors of a good Virginia didn't come through for me, just sweetness. Now, there is nothing wrong with that, but I prefer the full range of flavors of Virginia in Yorktown or Low Country Virginia. This did burn cool and smooth and was a pleasant smoke. Smoking this in an Old Dominion cob enhanced the flavor of this tobacco. It's a bit sweet, but still a great smoke. I upgraded my rating to 4.5.

Cornell & Diehl - Engine #382
Olde Timey Goodness
Now back in the day, I smoked a good bit of tobacco with Deer Tongue leaf. Frankly, I can't remember the last time I had it, and not sure why I stopped. I think tobacco companies found a cheaper substitute along the way and it just stopped being made into blends. Bag note is fragrant and sweet. Now Deer Tongue leaf has the same chemical as Tonquin, coumarins. And as someone who lived in the South Pacific for a good while, it's also a home remedy for malaria. Unfortunately, they drink it in a tea, if they smoked it, it would keep the damn skeeters away in the first place, but I digress. In this blend the Burley takes center stage, the Cavendish and Virginia come in and the Deer Tongue is blended as a Latakia. In the background, not overpowering. Nicely done. Now, I smoked this in a clay pipe, I would imagine that Deer Tongue would most likely ghost a briar like a Poltergeist, so be warned. Excellent pleasurable blend.

Cornell & Diehl - Red Virginia Cavendish
Puffy Clouds of Virginia Happiness
If you like your Virginia, this is a outstanding rich flavored tobacco. A little more subtle in sweetness than a Stoved Virginia, but with a rich taste and a hint of spiciness. Big billowy clouds of fragrant room note as an added bonus. This is a pleasant smoke on its own and sure to be a great blending flavor. Quality tobacco, to be sure.

Daughters & Ryan - Ramback 3.5oz
I smoke a good bit of C & D Turkish. SP was out of it in bulk when I placed my last order. I've smoked a good bit of D & R Perique blends along the way and I've enjoyed them. So, I didn't hesitate to order this Turkish. Fresh sweet tin note, which unfortunately did not necessarily equate with flavor. It is what it is. Next time, I will buy a C & D tin of Turkish if bulk isn't available. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not going to let this go to waste but I won't buy this again. There are too many other quality Turkish variants available, but I thought it was worth a shot. This would probably be great for RYO.

Peter Stokkebye - PS312 Toasted Burley
If you are a Burley fan, this is one fine smoke. This is, in my opinion a bit more nutty, a little less sweet than Kentucky Fired . Taste wise it's unique, sweeter than an air dried Burley, with a subtle spiciness reminiscent of Latakia. Quite an exceptional smoke, indeed. I must have more...

Low Country - Natural Virginia
Smooth Virginia
I've been smoking a good bit of LC Virginia and Burley, Virginia and Oriental. So I'd say I knew the general flavor of the Virginia. I smoke a good bit of C & D Yorktown, which is a great blend of fine Virginia. LC Virginia blend here is half the price of Yorktown, is it half as good? Let me say, it's almost as good. Smooth and sweet. A great no nonsense Virginia suitable for blending or straight...price wise, it's exceptional quality for the money. I'm waiting for LC to offer Burley and Oriental in bulk...I'm waiting...

Sutliff - 507-S Stoved Virginia
Should I even say anything? I know others have been smoking this, because I've had it on my shopping cart and they've run out before I ordered. Am I breaking an unspoken rule? If something is this good, keep it to yourself. How could I be the first to review this? Yeah, well...I loaded up the clean MM and fired up a bowl straight. Who needs an Aromatic? This is candy, sweet like Latakia, caramel smokiness, puffy clouds of happiness. Nice toasty bitterness as I finished the bowl. Spicy, sweet, luxurious Virginia. Sure, this is great for blending, but seriously, as a stand alone tobacco it is outstanding. But remember, you didn't hear it from me...

Planta - Anno MMXIV (Fruity and Fragrant)
Pleasant Smoke
This is the fourth Planta aromatic I have tried. All have been very good, very interesting and unique. The initial flavor of this was one of sweet Cavendish, fruitiness, spice. Good tobacco with no chemical flavor or aftertaste. Pleasant fruit flavor. This is a milder blend than their Exotic blend, very pleasant enjoyable aromatic. A couple of reviews commented this is like smoking potpourri. Maybe true, but if so, it's very good potpourri. For the price, these are enjoyable aromatic blends that are well worth a taste.

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired Ready Rubbed
Outstanding Blend
This is an outstanding blend...Good rich DFK flavor. The more I smoke this, the better it gets and in the clay pipe it's just about perfect. Outstanding tobacco blend.

Cornell & Diehl - Constellation
Smooth Latakia Bomb
Do you like Latakia, with your Latakia? Now Pirate Kake has about 75% Latakia. I like Pirate Kake. I think this has even more Latakia. I like Latakia and often smoke a straight bowl of it. This has a touch of Virginia and Burley, and frankly it was just Latakia that I tasted. There's nothing wrong with that. I enjoyed this. It's a very sweet, smoky Latakia driven blend. Light to medium on nicotine. I added a little Cigar Leaf and a bit more Burley on my next bowl and liked it even more. This is not a balanced blend, to me. It's great for the Latakia, but I will be blending this to add some depth.

Planta - Anno MMVII (Black Mixture)
Huckleberry Good
After tasting several of these Planta brand Aromatics, I'm impressed. I pulled out a fresh clean Meer and loaded it for another Aro adventure. OK if I knew better I would have tasted this before the Exotic blend, but now I know. The flavor of this blend is outstanding. More of a subtle berry flavor than the flavor bomb of the Exotic. Smooth, good Cavendish, sweet Huckleberry goodness. No chemical taste or aftertaste for me. I really enjoyed this. Once in a while, this will be a great change of pace. I didn't think I would like a berry flavored tobacco, but I must say this was a treat. UPDATE: I've been smoking a good bit of this and to my surprise I'm loving it...I never thought I would like a blueberry tobacco...I'm about to buy a blue Savinelli Alligator to commit to this blend...it's that good...

Planta - Anno MMVIII (Exotic Mixture)
Tasty Treat
Flavor, flavor flavor. OK I'm becoming a fan of this Planta brand. I tried the Brazilian mix the other day and was pleasantly surprised with an unusual Lime flavored tobacco. Very different and really liked it. After a day of fine Burley's and Balkan's I foraged ahead into the evening with a couple of Aromatics from Planta I've been wanting to try. I loaded up the fresh Meer and instantly was blasted with flavor. Something spicy, was it clove? Could it be chili? It's a spicy on my tongue. Fruity goodness with no chemical flavor or aftertaste to me. Sweet Cavendish. Tropical fruit. Yeah, it's good. If your a fan of Nightcap, you may just want to check this blend out. It has flavor, intense flavor that in my opinion blows Nightcap away. Yeah, I said it. This is one enjoyable bowl of fruity goodness. Probably the most flavor of any Aromatic I've smoked and certainly one of the most enjoyable. Once in a while, a bowl of fruity goodness is a great change of pace. Room note was awesome. This is a winner. I love this...

Sutliff - Balkan II
This is a very sweet Balkan. Is it as good as Sutliff: Balkan Sobranie Original Mix Match? Yes, but this blend is much sweeter to me. The additional Turkish in this blend creates a very pleasing sweetness that highlights the Latakia. The moisture content was great and did not need a relight. Creamy, spicy and honey sweet. It's right on the edge for me as being too sweet, if that's a thing. Could I smoke this all day, oh yeah. Would that level of sweetness drive me to face another bowl of straight Perique? This is outstanding, don't get me wrong. It's almost perfection, just cloyingly sweet. Medium in strength. This is outstanding, but I will reserve it for those times I want an Aromatic without smoking an Aromatic.

Cornell & Diehl - Black Cavendish
We all love Cavendish. It's like tomato paste. It just brings all the flavors together. But really, why not smoke a straight bowl of it? Sweet, creamy, hints of Latakia. Fermented tobacco. The sugars are very present. Creamy smoke. Excellent room note. Once in a while, I smoke a straight bowl of Latakia, it's outstanding. Sometimes, when I hate myself, I'll smoke a straight bowl of Perique. Sure this is a great mixing component and the base of most aromatics. But do you really need to put any flavoring on this? As I smoked it, it just seemed to get better, creamier, sweeter. This tobacco had a good moisture content, but stayed lit till the bottom of the bowl. Black Cavendish straight no chaser. This is outstanding tobacco.

Cornell & Diehl - Dark Burley
Wicked Good...
I like Burley. I smoke a good bit of C&D Ribbon Cut Burley every month. Now, where has this been hiding? Did I just overlook this? This is not your kinder, gentler Burley. This is the Burley that when sipped has a nutty, creamy spice. A hint of cigar leaf, yeah. If you push it the fangs come out. Nice Burley bite, if you're into that sort of thing. I'm looking forward to mixing this but truly, this was a great bowl of quality tobacco. Don't hesitate to smoke it straight. It's a bit more bold than the regular ribbon cut, just as smooth, just a little kicked up. I'm going to mix it, going to smoke it straight, going to put it on my cornflakes. This is the good stuff.

Cornell & Diehl - White Burley
Nice Smoke
I like Burley. I smoke a good bit of the C&D Burley Ribbon Cut each month. I have had White Burley in blends, but can't remember how long it's been since I've had it straight. It is a soft mild Burley, with a hint of nuttiness. It's the kinder, gentler Burley. It's a pleasant smoke and would pair well with Bright Virginia, which I will try later today. For me, I prefer a heartier Burley to smoke straight but this is fine tobacco for blending. This has all the joy of Burley, just toned down a wee bit. Nothing wrong with that. Nice pleasant smoke.

Cornell & Diehl - Star of the East
Nice Smoke
Do you like Latakia? Now to be fair, I just smoked and reviewed Sutliff: Balkan Sobranie Original Mix Match, so to compare I filled a clean pipe and fired up a bowl of Star of the East. Life isn't fair... Sutliff: Balkan Sobranie Original Mix Match is cheaper and I have to say, in my quiet voice, better. Now, this is a fine blend, there is nothing wrong with it. This had your typical C&D cut, burns well and needed no relights. Great tasting blend. I felt a bit guilty, looking over at the bag of Sutliff: Balkan Sobranie Original Mix Match as I was smoking this. But this is a great smoke too. Could I smoke this all day, you bet. But... "It's not you, it's me..well, maybe it's you." "I love you but I'm not In Love with you." UPDATE: Ok, well I felt bad...if I hadn't kissed the Balkan girl we'd still be together. Let's make up...you're awesome...but I'm still going to see the Balkan girl...OK

Sutliff - Balkan Sobranie Original Mix Match
Let me say from the start, I have never had the original Balkan Sobranie. I understand that the original blend used a good amount of Yenidje tobacco. The oriental tobacco used in this had a slightly sweeter flavor than the Izmir. Is it Yenidje? I don't know, frankly, I don't care. This is outstanding. Bag note is exceptional. The cut is a little rougher than say a C&D blend, not bad, just different. The bulk was fairly dry but still needed several relights, I believe due to the cut as different tobacco's have a different burn rate. That being said, I didn't mine the relights. After an Aro safari, coming back to a fine Olde English is nice. Now I'm a big fan of H&H Blackhouse, which is another fine Balkan Sobranie hack. This may give Blackhouse a run for their money. The Latakia in this is present, but here the Oriental and Virginia take center stage. This is a sweet flavorful smoke. I don't care what they call it. Is it as good as the original? I don't know and don't care, since the original is no more. It is what it is...and it's awesome. Mic drop...

Cornell & Diehl - Chopped Cigar Leaf
Cigar Leaf. Pennsylvania cigar wrapper. Bag note is sweet, bold. My bulk order was fairly dry, a little rougher cut, I wouldn't say it is ribbon cut. I took an ounce or so out and hand rubbed it. Fair amount of hard veins I set aside to make press cake, as these will burn at a different rate from the leaf. I loaded up the clean MM and fired it up. Deliciously sweet, almost tasted like DFK. Smooth, not harsh, no bite. This is quality cigar wrapper, the good stuff. Halfway through the bowl, I was wondering if 8 ounces a month would be enough, maybe I should order more. The bottom of the bowl was as sweet and enjoyable as the initial taste. Sure this is a great mixing component, but no reason not to smoke this straight, in copious quantities. Hay, brown sugar, sweet smoky happiness. This is the good stuff, the very good stuff.

Cornell & Diehl - Dark Fired Kentucky
Outstanding...Burley Candy
Now we all love our DFK in a blend. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I filled the MM and had a straight bowl, glad I did. Smoky sweet and delicious. Sipping slowly, the fired Burley really had a sweet toasty flavor. Push it a bit and a hint of Perique came through. I like my Burley, this is Burley candy. This is not a harsh headbanging smoke that straight Perique is. This is like burnt butter, creamy sweet and satisfying. The fire brings out the natural sugars in the Burley. Outstanding tobacco. I must have more.

Planta - Anno MMXV (Brazilian Mixture)
Pleasant Surprise
I"m a big fan of Cachaça, or Brazilian Rum, and have wanted to try this blend for a while. The bag note is very pleasing. I loaded the fresh Meer and wasn't expecting much, just hoping I wouldn't get a mouthful of Propylene Glycol. On lighting, the Cavendish and Virginia come through. The sweetness of the Cachaça is evident, but it has a very light flavor unlike traditional rum. Halfway through the bowl I could taste the lime, slightly citrus and bitter like lime peel. Pleasant. Overall, this was a surprisingly satisfying smoke. No chemical flavor or aftertaste on my palette. I recommend drying this out a bit before smoking, which I did not. It required several relights due to the moisture. The only reason I did not give this a 5 is that the Cachaça is such a light rum the tobacco overpowered it. Not bad as it is quality tobacco. This was a pleasant surprise and worth a taste. Certainly a different type of smoke. Winner!

Sutliff - B21 Black Spice
In my quest for a tasty Aromatic, I have been looking forward to trying this. The positive reviews had me put this on my last order. Bag note is great, sweet. My first flavor was a hint of vanilla, very subtle. The smoke is sweet, room note is great. I could taste a spiciness similar to Latakia, but different, ah spicy, almost a ginger flavor. As I smoked past half the bowl, I had a subtle flavor of cinnamon, more vanilla. The spiciness lingered on my palette, this is a pleasurable smoke indeed. Sip it slowly for the best flavor. I had no hint of chemical flavor or aftertaste. Clean and enjoyable. This is a more subdued blend than Nightcap, but for me, equally enjoyable. This is a winner! It has been over a half hour since I smoked this blend. I can still taste the spiciness on my palette, nice.

Sutliff - Tobacco Galleria: Night Cap
I have been on a Aro safari just to break up the Olde English once in a while. I bought this based on the positive reviews. Bag note was very pleasant, ah yes, booze. Tobacco and good booze. I loaded up the Meer, hesitantly. Will it taste as good as it smells? Ah, yes, this is a winner. Great flavor. No chemical or plastic taste. Tobacco and good booze. The fired tobaccos are quality and the flavors of the tobacco came through. Pleasant smoke to the bottom of the bowl, nice white ash, no goopy mess. This is an Aro to have in rotation. Winner!

Peter Stokkebye - PS84 Turkish Blend
Bag note is floral, sweet, pleasant. Slightly dry and lit easily. The Samsun has a distinctively different flavor to the Izmir and paired with a mild Virginia it delivers a great flavor. This burns fast. Other reviewers have suggested to sip this slowly, I concur. Room note is floral and very appealing, as my neighbor commented on it as I was smoking this on the porch. Great on its own and will be a great blending component. Straightforward tobacco blend. This is a winner.

Low Country - Natural Virginia & Burley
Nice Smoke
I've been wanted to try this Low Country tobacco for a while. I ordered this and the Virginia/Oriental which I reviewed. Bag note was sweet, quite dry tobacco, which isn't a bad thing. Loaded up the MM. This had a little bite initially, but it's Burley. Is it great Burley? Not great, but good enough. The sweetness of the Virginia took note and the finish was a nutty creamy Burley. Very satisfying smoke. It will be good on its own and a good blending mix. Nothing low rent about Low Country. Good solid value. Good straightforward tobacco. Solid 4.

Low Country - Natural Virginia & Oriental
Nice Smoke
I've been wanting to try this Low Country tobacco for a good while now. Now, is it great? Almost, but I tell you this, it's good enough and for the price, it's a good smoke. I put this in the MM, was tempted to mix some Latakia in it, but wanted to try it straight first. Good Virginia flavor, sweetness from the Turkish, very pleasant on it's own. This would make a fine base for mixing. Very good smoke and for the price, It's a winner.

Cornell & Diehl - Bob Bushman
We All Make Mistakes
This is an aromatic that I have wanted to try. The bag note was promising, nice aroma. I lit the Bob and all I could taste was burning chemicals, no flavor other than plastic. I must say, I did suffer half a bowl before I could take no more. Couldn't take it. Nope. I had to dump the bowl and vigorously clean the Meer. Someone else may love this, I seem to have an aversion to whatever chemicals are used to flavor most of these aromatics. Now, I've been flavoring Burley in Malibu rum for a good while. I'll stick to that if I want a sweet coconut smoke once in a while. But hey, it was a gamble and sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you get a mouth full of burning plastic. To date, the only aromatic I care for is Nutty Irishman. No chemical flavor for me in that and good Burley. So yeah, Thx for turning my pipe into Chernobyl Bob. UPDATE: Customer Service read my review and refunded me...outstanding service...THX

Sutliff - Z92 Vanilla Custard
Room Note+
Well, I was looking forward to trying this after such glowing reviews. My palette did not discern much vanilla, more of a buttery sweetness. Yeah, it's sweet. It's really sweet. Not bad, I just didn't get the vanilla flavor. I did not taste any chemical flavor, although I have no idea if this is a natural flavor base. I will most likely cut this with some Nutty Irishman to lower the sweetness. It's not bad. Tastes like wedding cake, butter frosting. Surprisingly it did not goo up the pipe, burned clean and stayed lit after a few relights. After smoking a bit of this I upgraded it to a 4. I have been mixing it with Nutty Irishman, which is a Burley base. This cuts the sweetness and mixes very well with the natural flavors in Nutty Irishman. This is an outstanding after dinner blend.

Cornell & Diehl - Bright Virginia Ribbon
I'm a big fan of Yorktown. In the MM and for mixing Yorktown is superb. This Virginia is a distinctive change. The initial taste that comes through is sweetness, slight fresh hay, bordering on a Turkish flavor. I smoked it straight in the MM, and I must say, this tobacco is extraordinarily smooth. It did burn fast, but not hot. The sweetness surprised me and as soon as I finished the bowl I wanted more. Just a straightforward quality smoke. I'm looking forward to blending this and will keep it straight in the MM often. Pure and simple, this is a winner in my book.

Cornell & Diehl - Founding Fathers
Pleasant Room Note
I am not a aromatic smoker, my last order I included several to try, this being one and one I was looking forward to try based on the positive reviews. First off, the Black Cavendish and Burley are quality. Flavoring was a bit chemical initially to my palette, however about halfway into the bowl I did get a very nice flavor which tasted more like the natural flavor of Pomegranate. I hesitate with aromatics not knowing if artificial ingredients are being used. The jury is still out on this flavoring. It does not state it is a natural flavoring. Surprisingly, once lit this tobacco stayed lit to the bottom of the bowl. Room note is a winner. Overall I'm very pleased but not crazy about this aromatic. This is my first impression, and will update if I have a change of opinion after smoking a few more bowls. After another bowl, the flavor just tastes chemical to me. Now, it may be the finest natural Pomegranate flavor but my taste buds are picking up something else. I do smoke Nutty Irishman and with this there is the flavor of Frangelico and Irish Mist...nothing artificial in the flavor.

Newminster - No.306 English Orient
Smooth as silk. This is a very refined blend. No one component or flavor overpowers, which is unique in itself, but creates an ensemble. Ina sense, it's own flavor. Luscious, smooth and balanced. Great no bite, all-day smoke. Burns cool and left only white ash. In a world of English blends, this is a rare breed, must have.

Cornell & Diehl - Billy Budd 2oz
Wicked Good...Pirate Kake with a Punch...
Heavy with Latakia, sweet, bold and nutty with Burley and Virginia. I was pleasantly surprised that the cigar leaf was a background note that makes for a distinctive flavor. Think Pirate Kake with a punch. This is an exceptional blend that is very well balanced between the sweetness of Latakia, the nutty flavor of Burley/Virginia and the boldness of the cigar leaf. Frankly, IMHO Billy Budd is a step above Pirate Kake in flavor and heartiness. Nicely done. This blend is a winner!

Cornell & Diehl - Redburn 2oz
On my first taste, I was hit with the fired Kentucky and Burley. Then the sweetness kicked in. Halfway into the bowl, the sweetness took hold. The Burley and Kentucky gave this a great balance. As I smoked below halfway, the caramel, molasses and rum took over. Pecan Pie... Delicious blend. Surprisingly, it burns very clean and did not leave my pipe a gummy mess. I was expecting a bitter end of the bowl as the sugars burned off, but the pleasant, spicy sweetness remained. I tasted no bitterness, however the fired Kentucky and Burley has a nutty bite that gives a great balance to the smoke. Bold aromatic. Nicely done.

Cornell & Diehl - Izmir Turkish
You're Going To Need This...
Although I have had this tobacco in a blend, I wanted to try this straight to experience it. At first I was surprised with the nutty flavor, then sweetness, spice and something else. I couldn't put my finger on it, then it hit me. Corn silk. Now you young whippersnappers don't know the flavor of a good Virginia with a little sweet corn silk. Too bad for you. The flavors lingered on my palette for some time. Mix this with your blend, sure. But try it straight, it's outstanding. FYI...this tobacco is like the Perique of sweetness...I've tried a few blends with various degrees of Izmir...if you go to 10% it completely takes over the flavor...use it like Perique...3-5% and it gives a great back flavor and blends well with other tobaccos.

Cornell & Diehl - Black Duck 2oz
Sweet and creamy ...a hint of spiciness on the palette yet a bold flavor, dark and rich. I bought this to try after reading such rave reviews...spot on...this is a exceptional blend, the added Burley brings out the darkness of the Duck and although it has components of a hundred other English blends, they nailed it. I only bought one tin...I will remedy this...because that is now a problem...Hail the Duck.

Cornell & Diehl - Cherry Jubilee
Wait For It...
OK I am not a big aromatic smoker. This does have a good flavor, but when smoking I did not taste the cherry. Maybe I pushed it too hard, maybe it's from the Irish Flake I had earlier...but the strangest thing happened...after I finished the 1/2 bowl I suddenly was hit with a burst of delightful cherry on my palette...maybe it should age a bit...I always worry about what the flavoring agent is and this didn't say...but it's a change from the English and will be an occasional smoke. I was ready to give this a really bad review until the cherry hit me, but only after I finished smoking and emptied the bowl....So, wait for it...this may grow on me yet... Worth a try? Yes...the other reviews were 1 star at best...it is what it is...if you think you're going to get cherry candy you'll be disappointed. I'll let it age and try it again. But for now, I'm not disappointed, the delayed effect was interesting. After aging if the flavor does not come out I will hit it with a little cherry brandy....I do want that cherry hit as a change of pace...I have not tried Boswell's cherry aromatic yet, it is a big seller for him.

Cornell & Diehl - Burley Ribbon Cut
Sweet Burley
This is about as good as it gets. I like Burley and of those that I've tried, this is my go to. Since this is used is many C&D blends I'm familiar with the flavor. This is a great tobacco to blend with Yorktown, which I just did...outstanding. Smoked straight it is smooth and strong without a heavy bite. Paired with Perique it is a bold flavorful smoke. This is a quality Burley, versatile to blend and smooth enough to enjoy on its own. It is all the best qualities of a quality Burley. Fine smoke.

Grand Croupier - Boneyard
Wait a Minute...What?
OK I don't care if Bubba swept the scraps up off the warehouse floor and put it in a bag...are you kidding me? Are you having a laugh? This was only 15USD and some change for a pound...it's brilliant...quality leaf English blend, rich in Latakia yet with a bold flavor of Virginia, Burley and Cavendish...sweet, nutty, yadda yadda...(Insert Expletive Here) Blown away...

Cornell & Diehl - Sunset Harbor Flake 2oz
Tasty Blend...Excellent.
Wonderful taste...sweetness that was unexpected...brilliantly blended. The flavor lingers on the palate for some time. Nothing harsh, yet bold. It reminded me in some respects of Pirate Kake, with a unique sweetness that sets this apart. Like others, I hope this is sold in bulk soon. This is an exceptional smoke. UPDATE: It's been an hour since I smoked half a bowl...I can still taste the sweetness in my mouth...amazing...

Cornell & Diehl - Nutty Irishman
Tasty...Burley gives it a nice kick.
After going on a bit of an Aro safari...This is still my favorite. Taste and quality give this an upgrade to 5. I avoid aromatics simply because you never know what chemicals may be used...when I read this was a Virginia, Burley, Cavendish blend with Frangelico and Irish Mist, along with the positive reviews I bought 4 oz to try. The initial taste was delicious, the subtle hint of whiskey and honey hits the tongue. Combined with a good tobacco blend, I was completely surprised how much I liked this. Toward the bottom of the bowl, the flavors settled and notes of Burley and Cavendish took over. This is not something I will smoke often, but on occasion, this is a great change from a proper English diet. Fine smoke here.

Samuel Gawith - 1792 Flake 50g
Dipteryx Odorata Baby...Yeah.
Tonquin bean...I would like to thank who ever thought of flavoring tobacco with this...Genius...Classic blend, sweet and strong. Fantastic aroma and flavor. Wow. This is always a blend that doesn't last long in stock, there's a reason for that. If you're lucky enough to get it in stock, good for you. Classic, bold, quality.

Cornell & Diehl - Yorktown
Virginia Is For Lovers
This is my number one Virginia. Surprise, Surprise...what a great tasting blend of Virginia...tried to get it to bite...just gave me a creamy smooth, great almost nutty taste...Purists take note...this is a very fine classic smoke...a little more expensive than some other Virginia blends but well worth it... Outstanding.

Hearth & Home - Blackhouse 1.75oz
I've never smoked Balkan Sobranie, so I can't compare it to that. What I can say, is that this is a superb Balkan blend. It is blended in a high quality such as Plum Pudding Special Reserve albeit a different type of smoke, quality. This is a special blend that lingers on the palette and in the room. Someone else wrote this is a "Must Have" and I totally agree. Just save me some... UPDATE: Wow this is good...really good...

Cornell & Diehl - Granulated Perique
Great flavor, smoky and rich. Should be great for blending or straight, it's a hardy smoke, strong and tasty. Room note is intense but so is the flavor. I love it. UPDATE: I would discourage you to do what I just did...which is smoke a straight bowl of this Perique...unlike the straight Latakia which was smooth and glorious...a straight bowl of Perique was just too much of a good thing for my brain to handle...all the great flavor of Perique when mixed in a blend was more a punch in the face...but you know I had to try...

Cornell & Diehl - Latakia
I should have ordered more...This Time I Did...
Great to kick up my daily blend...I'll be trying it straight, no chaser tonight...great quality and flavor...Love This. Someone commented on a acidic odor from the bag, mine was sweet, almost fruity. UPDATE: So, a straight bowl of Latakia...you'd think it would be harsh, it was smooth and glorious. Amazing smoke this is. UPDATE: I will never be without this...I almost ran out and my anxiety was palpable...Must. Have. Latakia.

Arango - Balkan Supreme
I'm a big fan of C&D Super Balkan...This may be my new go to smoke...exceptional flavor, moisture content, this is an outstanding blend.

Smokingpipes Gear - Morta Pipe Kit Ebonite Stem-Straight
Morta Project
Outstanding grain...I have shaped several briar pipes and this is my first morta project...outstanding piece to shape how I desire...I know morta tends to get much hotter than briar...so will take that into account... UPDATE: marked the blank for cuts...will start cutting tomorrow then work with the file... UPDATE: Made my first cuts today...Morta is hard...had to use a metal blade but starting to look like a pipe.. UPDATE: OK I've been using a small saw and files. Slow going but getting a nice shape. Morta = Rock Wood...stone like quality that although tough to shape should come out nice. UPDATE: The stummel is complete...I'm adding a long l shaft to contrast the morta...it's going to come out very nice...but I will never work with morta again...it's quality but it's hard as stone...using all hand tools

Cornell & Diehl - Black Frigate 2oz
This is a smooth smoke...it's a relaxing enjoyable blend...very refined, the flavors are not distinct, but create a unique complex flavor in their layering. UPDATE: The more I smoke this blend the more I like it...raised my rating to 4.5. I wasn't initially overwhelmed with joy but this grows on you...it's quite unique...now I crave it...Joy...

Cornell & Diehl - Pirate Kake 2oz
Wicked Good...
I bought this because of the reviews...THX If Plum Pudding Reserve is a sultry brunette, brandy and smooth jazz...This is a crazy redhead in leather and tattoos with a latakia riding crop... She's wicked good... Flavor, room note, strength...this has it all...what a great smoke...Exceptional Blend.

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding Special Reserve 4oz
Wow...just Wow...
I bought this because of the reviews...didn't disappoint...flavor is excellent...slow burning...great moisture...worth the extra money for such quality. UPDATE: After smoking a few bowls of this, I must say, it's wicked good...I'll be saving this for my Sunday smoke with a nose burner...best tobacco flavor I've enjoyed. UPDATE: WOW...

Cornell & Diehl - Super Balkan
Bold full flavor, excellent moisture, slow burning, smoky and smooth like burnt butter...rich outstanding smoke.

Daughters & Ryan - AB Rimboche' 3.5oz
Nice Smoke
Great aroma and taste...nice moisture content...excellent every day blend...I think it is a very good smoke...was hoping for more strength...but very enjoyable blend. The more I smoke this blend the more I like it. Initially I thought it wasn't quite strong enough, but changing my thoughts on this. It is a very balanced blend. I added a dash of Super Balkan with the AB Rimboche'...super flavor and added some boldness...Nice

G. L. Pease
Robusto 2oz

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