John S.

Wessex - Burley Slice 50g
For you guys that have been around a while ... the closest thing to Edgeworth Slices on the market , imho

Captain Black - Gold 1.5oz
Very nice
This blend took some time to grow on me on its own . I make a wonderful " blend " using gold . Its the lightest of the CB line I think . Its ribbon cut is lovely . If youre familiar with smoking ribbon cuts , it smokes beautifully

Peterson - Elizabethan Mixture 50g
I enjoy a ribbon vaper very much . This is similar to Germain Royal Jersey Perique . The perique has more of a " stand alone " flavor here due to being not pressed in with other leaf . In general , its not as sweet as many of the vaper flakes , though sweeter than the older Murrays version .The cut is flawless to light and keep lit and is just a joy to smoke

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