Ron F.

Cornell & Diehl - Evergreen 2oz
Second Bowl was an Improvement
I bought this one after really enjoying Hearthside which I think is excellent. This however was not. The tin note was not pleasant at all. The taste of the tobacco was pretty much the same. I don't know if it's a topping or what, but for me anyway, I was only able to finish one bowl. I won't be trying a second. Hopefully someone I know will take it off my hands for free. Update: I jarred this one up for a few months and decided to give it a go once more. Not sure it was that, my pipe, or pallet at the time, but it's not as bad this time around. The tin note is still a bit off, but the flavor while smoking is fairly nice. Not my favorite, but I'll definitely smoke it at some point.

Castello - Sea Rock 2oz (2015 Vintage)
Very Cool Smoke
This is about the coolest smoking tobacco I've ever smoked. The flavor is smooth and quite tasty too.

Cornell & Diehl - Autumn Evening 2oz
A Great Aromatic
I love a lot of different types of pipe tobacco including aromatics, English blends, and VaPers. The red Virginian and maple is smooth and tasty. Just the right nic amount too. This one of my favorite aromatics and I'll buy more.

Red Label - 131 50g

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Scottish Flake 50g

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Erinmore Flake 50g

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Early Morning Pipe 50g

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Outdoors Hiking 1.75oz

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    How to Ream a Pipe
  • ► I own 2 different pipe knives with the round tips, but I was not happy with the results. I'm now using a small battery-powered Dremel on low speed with a small sandpaper drum bit, barely touching the inside of the chamber. Yes, it's risky, and possibly dangerous, but so far I've had excellent results on briar and very old and overly caked meerschaum pipes.