Erik H.
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Dunhill/Barling Collector. VA's and VA/PAR's

Low Country - Natural Virginia
Very good value and a nice smoke
I switched from heavy English blends to VA's and VAR's over 20 years ago. My current "in print" favorites are Gawith Sliced Black Twist, Capstan, John Cotton's, Escudo, etc. I don't consider myself a tobacco snob, it's just that I've been consistently unimpressed with the less expensive blends I'd tried. I don't know why I ordered this tobacco. I just had a hunch about it. I was very pleasantly surprised! The tobacco is not overly rubbed out (but do be careful not to pack it to tightly). And, it did not burn hot for me during the first 2 bowls I've tried. This was true even when I wasn't smoking slowly. The burn rate is a little fast for my taste, but it smoked easily all the way to the bottom without excessive relighting. For a good, straight forward, pleasant smoke I'd recommend it this VA highly. I think this tobacco might be especially friendly to the less experienced smoker who likes VA's but has found them a bit difficult to manage.