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Missouri Meerschaum - Great Dane 1.5oz
Here Boy!
There is nothing to say about this blend other than to say that it is off the charts! Great aroma, great flavor, great smoke! I get asked by the fellas I work with to smoke this one from time to time in the mornings because they enjoy it so much! Get yourself a bag and you will not be upset!

Missouri Meerschaum - American Patriot 1.5oz
Surprisingly Different
When you first smell this tobacco it has the very smokey notes that leave you wondering what is in the bag. Then you light it and realize that everything you thought was about to happen is out the window and the experience you're on is nothing short of a pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed this blend with a whiskey roast coffee which led me to try a bowl with a glass of Jack Daniel's and it could be my new favorite combination. The Jack eats the little bite that there is right out of the tobacco and the tobacco sweetens the jack and really sets off the full flavors of the charcoal mellowing process of the whiskey. I am a simple man when it comes to tobacco. Each blend sends me to the cabinet to find its liquid companion and if you're a fan of whiskey or bourbon, this is definitely a blend for you! Cheers!

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