Cornell & Diehl - Hearthside 2oz
Wish it was permanent
As a pipe smoker of just over 3 years now, I've learned I primarily like two families of blends, English, and Virginia. One of my favorite blends of all time was Samuel Gawith Navy Flake. Now I'm not saying that this blend is a substitute for that treasure but I found that this came very close to some of the qualities of it. But what I loved about this blend above all else is the flavorings that were on it. Like most of us I started on cheap aromatic blends and learned very quickly that I hate them after trying a real quality blend, but I say, this blend did it right and perfectly for season that it was released for. My wife and her family dont particularly like the room note of some blends, but this one around Christmas time always has them inviting me inside to enjoy it. Man, oh man, do I wish I could always have this blend.