Brian B.

Warped - The Haunting 2oz
A new experience
I'm a avid cigar and pipe aficionado. Upon hearing of this blend I was truly intrigued. This is spanning a gap in notes and tones from pipes to cigars for me. A most unique and enjoyable blend that seems well thought out and crafted with an appreciation for the uncharted. First thing when breaking the seal of the tin was a friendly and understated virginia note and while taking in that meeting a new sweet spectre sashade by and said hello. It lite well and held ember very nicely. Mildly yet strangely robust like a Connecticut wrapper greated me and quickly faded into a sweet sort of chocolate fruit almost like the sense your palate receives from a chocolate orange when opening a Christmas stocking treat. The finish was slight tingle which is a wonderful treat as I enjoy a cigar and this sensation from a pipe was stronger than normal but very satisfying. The room note was warm and inviting like your grandfathers study as he gazed across a leather bound book next to a warm fire in autumn. The sort of nostalgic scent that wraps you into a embrace you never wish to leave. Well done to the blenders and if you have the chance pick up a tin. You wont regret it.

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