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Better to die cheerfully with the aid of a little tobacco, than to live disagreeably and remorseful without. —CS Lewis

Smokingpipes Gear - Claudio Albieri Smokingpipes Leather Pipe Bag Black
Worth It
An highgrade pipe sleeve, affordable & available. Up your pipe transportation & get it.

Pipe Accessories - Neal Yarm 5 Pipe Stand Cherry
Different Kind of Functional Art
Well constructed & beautiful. The head is a little deeper than I expected though, so be aware, shorter pipes mightn't always fit.

Solani - Red Label - 131 50g
Best Scotch Tobacco
Good Room notes & excellent flavour. A little damp, but most tinned tobacco is. Good value.

Reiner - Professional Blend 100g
Excellent & Nuanced
Very mild, with great subtly. Not so blue collared; very luxurious. Both nutty & fruity & the right humidity from the tin.

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - 1982 Centennial Blend 1.4oz
Well Balanced
Good tobacco, though a little too wet out of the tin. Good flavour, strength, & room note. Berry tin notes give way to navy flake while smoking. Enjoyably.

Lighters - Zippo Black Matte Pipe Lighter w/ Pipe Emblem
Only Pıpe Lighter
Only pipe lighter I use. Always works, even in the windiest weather. Zippos stand the test of time.

Lighters - Zippo Genuine Flints
Keeps the Lighter Living
I always use Zippo parts for my Zippo Pıpe Lighter.

Books - Scandinavian Pipemakers
Beautiful coffee table book, but even better encyclopedia. Great write-ups & lovely pictures of makers' examples.

Capstan - Ready Rubbed Yellow 1.75oz
Good Virginia
Nice blend. Not to strong for a predominantly aromatic smoker.

Pipe Tools & Supplies - Pipe Nail
Best bang for the dollar.

Books - Tobacco and Smoking Among the Blue and Gray
Well produced. Excellent quality binding & presentation.

Low Country - Strawberry
Better than Scent
A wonderful blend! The nose is really strong & almost medical, but the flavour is really good & balanced. Everything is there & not difficult to find. Not complex, but that's ok for an easy room pleasing smoke sometimes.

Tabac Manil - Le Petit Robin 100g
Wonderfully Strange
Almost a silk cut, this is a truly a unique smoking experience. Love it or not, you should give this a try.

Pipe Tools & Supplies - Rubber Pipe Bits (2 pack)
I don't buy a pipe without putting these on. Always worth the money, makes every pipe better.

Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop
Dusty bookshop might be a better name. Always smokes hot & tastes dusty. Like spring cleaning, not enjoyable.

Cornell & Diehl - Berry Good
Not Berry Great
I love berry aromatics most of all tobacco, but this misses the mark. Couldn't find any berry, but did find so much tongue bite.

Cornell & Diehl - Irish Blessing
Good & Wet.
So wet. By rote I always dry my aromatics, but this is hard to dry out enough. Tasty, but better blended into Nutty Irishman.

Cornell & Diehl - Belmont Station
Ok & growing on me. I'm a huge aromatic smoker, but this isn't strictly an aromatic. The dark Kentucky adds something interesting, but almost undesirable. Very complex, but I'm not quite sure it's good.

Sutliff - Black Raspberry
Best for blending, but enjoyable enough on it's own. Makes wonderful blends though. Best berry available.

Lane Limited - MV-1000
Nice & Crisp
Lightly sweet, this is a good tobacco to go between bolder smokes. Good palate cleanser.

Cornell & Diehl - Autumn Evening
Very Maple
It's good, but don't store near other tobacco. The maple will migrate to other tobacco, if say two bags are touching each other.

Low Country - Rum
Best Rum
I haven't tried very many rum tobaccos, but this is the best. Most have an unpleasant banana note & this does not. Not too strong. Like most aromatics, too wet, but that's easily remedied. I enjoy it.

Pipe Accessories - Neerup Leather 1 Pipe Pouch Purple
Well Made
Wonderful construction & looks fantastic. Little surprised by the dimensions. As a Neerup fan, I have 4 & while the 3 churchwardens clearly won't fit, neither will my chunky Ida volcano. Still a great pouch: I'll probably use it for lighter, stands, tobacco, &c. though.

Rattray's - Buckingham 100g
Wonderful Nutty
Upon first smoking, it immediately reminded me of Rattray's 2018 Summer Limited Edition minus the fruit notes. Therefore, it really emphasizes the nutty characteristics of the tobacco. Stays lit & cool, most of the time for me. Hopeful it comes back in stock.

Rattray's - Summer 2018
I am so glad I was able to get a tin of this. If I saw another available & not over priced, I'd buy it. It's wonderfully smooth & inviting. Definitely has summer imbued in it, but I'm still enjoying it through the autumn too! All tasting notes are evident, without interfering with each other. Room note always gets a complement.

Cornell & Diehl - Apples & Cream
Kind of Bland
Overall, very underwhelming. Just didn't do it for me. Almost always I smoke aromatics, but here, none of the flavours came through & it was really plain & bland. Will have to find apple somewhere else.

Pipe Accessories - Neerup Wenge Tobacco Cutting Board
Great Cutting Board
Nice compact size with great stability. If you're not cutting, doubles very nicely as a display stand for a sitter.

Pipe Accessories - Neerup Leather Tobacco Mat Chestnut
Gets the Job Done
Helps keep you surface clean & saves your tobacco. Simple & inexpensive; this mat should be considered absolutely necessary to every pipe smoker.

Pipe Tools & Supplies - Neerup Turquoise & Grey Slim Tamper
Right size for Nerrups
I love Neerup/P. Jeppesen & this tamper is the right size for his very large churchwardens.

Rattray's - Bagpiper's Dream 100g
Wonderfully Dressed
A fantastic VA blend with enough Cognac to make an incredibly pleasing Aromatic. Has a fantastic room note that always makes everyone ask what it is.

Rattray's - Exotic Passion 100g
The Best.
Seriously, this one is a Showstopper. From flavour to room note, everyone loves when I light this up. Smokes slowly very easily. Wish I could get more.

Cornell & Diehl - Founding Fathers
Slow & Steady
I'm still learning to smoke this one, but when I smoke it slow, it's very rewarding. The pomegranate is noticeable. Almost a non-aromatic & I definitely prefer aromatics, but this is good.

Cornell & Diehl - Nutty Irishman
A haystack in your pipe.
A wonderful smoke. I dry almost all my tobacco before smoking & this is no exception. It smells & tastes exactly like a butterscotch haystack like my aunt makes.

Classic Smooth Bent Pot Churchwarden (2)

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Crown Smooth Freehand Sitter (200)

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Misc. Estates
Kiko Meerschaum Chunk (Unsmoked)

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Red Label - 131 50g

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Structure Sandblasted Bent Dublin (2)

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Scandinavian Pipemakers

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Tabac Manil
Le Petit Robin 100g

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Professional Blend 100g

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Low Country

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Low Country

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Ready Rubbed Yellow 1.75oz

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Crown Partially Rusticated Freehand (Viking)

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Danish Estates
Winslow Crown Apple (200) (Unsmoked)

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Classic Sandblasted Bent Apple Churchwarden (2)

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Barrel Smooth Nickel Mounted P-Lip

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Partially Rusticated Bent Apple (E)

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Clay Pipes
Churchwarden Tavern Pipe

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Exotic Passion 100g

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Summer 2018

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Bagpiper's Dream 100g

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Buckingham 100g

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Cornell & Diehl
Nutty Irishman

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