Brian H.

Cornell & Diehl - Awakened Elder 2oz
Grows on you like an eldritch cult
I had to smoke about five bowls of this and experiment with packing before I truly enjoyed this tobacco. At first it struck me as a very average smoke, but it is really much more. Like realizing our cosmic insignificance in the face of untold ancient horrors, I was one evening just overcome with how good this can be. 1. Pack it fairly loose. 2. Use a pipe that you only smoke Balkan or balkan-like English blends out of, if possible 3. Smoke several bowls before passing judgment. Early in the bowl is a very entrancing and deep mix of incense aromas and what I call 'old books'. This swirls and plays on the palate for at least the first third of the bowl. Once it fades, I find I get mostly Latakia smokiness and some sweet Cavendish with the Virginia seeming to give body and round out these flavors, but I am pretty bad at picking out notes of Virginia tobaccos. I'm just a novice, but that's my best description. Try this and fall under the entrancing extra-dimensional spell of a truly supernatural smoke.

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