Christopher P.

Prince Albert - Prince Albert 1.5oz
Tried to give it 4 Stars
I bought a pouch of this just to see what it was all about. I didn’t expect too much. 4 dollars isn’t a heck of a lot. I was pleasantly surprised by the alternating chocolate (almost like a cocoa puff) and spice (like a hint of pine almost). I didn’t figure I’d smoke the whole pouch but now I’m pretty sure I will and probably many more at this price point you can’t go wrong.

Presbyterian - Presbyterian 50g
I got a sample from The Tin Society. Smoked one bowl and bought two tins. Its hands down the best tobacco I've tried in the last year of smoking pipes.

Smoker's Pride - Vanilla Cavendish 12oz
It is what it is
When I first got into smoking pipes I got a bag of this from a local smoke shop. Its not horrible. I still have it jarred not really one of my go toa though.

Hearth & Home - Black House 1.75oz
First balkan
At first the tin note threw me. Its strong smelling. Then I tastes it. Taste like a summer time bbq. One of my favorites. Im glad I have some on hand. Room note is campfire.

Cornell & Diehl - Green River Vanilla 2oz
Not bad
It was very mosit so some dry time isnrequired. Occasionally leaves some goop at the bottom ofnmy bowl. The tin note smells like good chocolate cake which is strange because ita a vanilla aro. Nice room note one of the blends my gf lets me smoke inside of our non smoking household.

Ashton - Rainy Day 50g
Had to let it dry a while. It was really moist out of the tin. Had a little trouble keeping it lit. It does have a nice fruity taste if thats what you're into.

BriarWorks - Peach Cobbler 2oz
When I was just starting out this tobacco was the only one I could keep lit. It doesn't taste too bad but it also doesn't taste too much like peach cobbler. But hey it comes ore jared. One less I have to buy.

G. L. Pease - Gaslight 2oz
Worth it
When I first received this it was my first expirence with a plug tobacco. At first the fact that I had to dig out my pocket knife hack some off (luckily for me I read online that I needed to cut against the grain and didn't screw it up) was too much. After some trial and error its become one of my favorites. I like to rub it out before dinner and then smoke after. Makes a nice after dinner smoke, right before a shower and bed. Great way to end the day.

Half and Half - Half and Half 1.5oz
Not for me
Granted this was the first pipe tobacco I tried when I bought my pipe. I almost gave up all together. Thankfully I didn't and ordered some good tobacco. Maybe I'll give it another go at a later date but at this current time I not in any hurry to try it again.

Seattle Pipe Club - Mississippi River 2oz
Its taken me a while to find the all day smoke that everyone refers to when it comes to tobacco. Then I received a sample of Mississippi River. The first time I smoked it I wasn't blown away. However towards the end of my sample I found myself dreading the thought of not having more of it. My favorite part about it is the latakia only shows up once in a while. I like latakia so its kind of like the prize in the bottom of the cereal box, but you get a few of them per bowl.

Presbyterian 50g

$14.00 $11.90

G. L. Pease
Gaslight 2oz

$16.00 $13.60