Mark M.

Sutliff - Z92 Vanilla Custard
Warning: Clothespin (for Nose) Required!
The question: can Vanilla spoil and become rancid? The answer: apparently so, based upon this blend. I'll put it this way, I'm prone to storing the Bag either in a far corner of the house OR out in the garage. Let me begin with the Positive: at some 8 ounces in to this 16 oz. bag, I conclude that the lit flavor is pretty good; that is, as the smoke connects with the tastebuds. The aroma from the bag is horrible. The aroma as it hangs in the air (the smoke), also horrible. Handling of this tobacco instantly stains your fingers and leaves the them feeling like they've been dipped in Molasses. Separating myself from the noted negatives, I have to admit that the Taste is pretty good. Put another way, I'm over my inclination to throw in the towel and buy a carton of Camel Filters—an obsessive thought, which plagued me during the first week of this smoke. Thankfully, I see that my old standby, Peter Stokkebye Vanilla Creme is once again, IN STOCK. I should have known when noting the word, CUSTARD, in the blend name, that this would not end well.

Peter Stokkebye
PS9 Vanilla Creme

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